The Corrupt are akin to a dog which hides its loot (bones) in unmarked foreign accounts

When I teach Governance I give this analogy matters corruption in Africa. A dog will attack a weaker dog and take away the bone it has been eating. Instead of eating , it will go and bury it then come back to attack the next weak dog.

It will do this over & over again in the course of the day until there are no more weak dogs with a bone . A dog has a habit of burying bones, it might be due to an intense hereditary survival instinct. Dogs in the wild buried bones as a means of storing them to use at a later time.

Well eith nature it starts to rain & the dog feels hungry & naturally it will remember that oh I had a bone somewhere . Now dogs are not very good with their sense of smell in wet environment. It’s muddy,  messy & it finally goes to sleep hungry and cold. More often than not it may never find that bone & most likely it will be swept away by the floods.

Now our public servant will hide his loot somewhere in Europe. I have heard many times that no civil servants should have a foreign account . You certainly need a lot of money to have a foreign account. Most of the funds are wired to some secret accounts that even their loved ones including wife(s) do not know they exists . We are all too familiar with the Panama accounts.

In old age their memory is failing  them & they are no longer able to remember where they stashed the loot ( where they hid the bone ) . Sick ,frail with failing memory ordinary people  will then be asked to contribute Mpesa for their medical & even for their funeral.

Hiding their loot is very similar to what the dog was doing. The weak dog is Eg funds for free primary school , funds meant for ARV’s , hospital funds , water projects etc etc. If only the dog enjoyed that one bone , if only the real looters could be limited to that one bone , if only the loot could have been invested in Africa to create employment etc it would have made a huge difference.

In other news close to £360M stashed by one Sani Abachi is being sent back to Nigeria at least this was not marked as unclaimed funds. Please don’t be that dog attacking weak dogs, please if you hide that ‘ bone’ share the location so that it does not go unclaimed .

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