If in two weeks we don’t get Nyayo Or Kasarani ready Gor Mahia will play in exile ğŸ˜‚😂

Folks you may or you may NOT be a football fan.

Allow me to give you a quick update matters football and state of stadias in Kenya . Gor Mahia has qualified against all odds for the next stage by kicking out a well funded South Africa Side Supersports United in the CAF Confederations Cup. Congratulatory messages poured from all corners , you see success has many fathers.

Then someone in Nairobi decided they will renovate ( I call it dig up ) both Nyayo Stadium & Kasarani . It is a no brainer that you CANNOT revamp the two stadias at the same time then suddenly the planned renovation fall behind schedule . Machakos stadium thanks to Governor Mutua has been the saving grace but not anymore since the facilities there do not meet the next round of plays.

In 2018 , fifty five years after independence one of our team Gor Mahia will be forced to seek for a venue outside Kenya may be in Dar or Kigali which means we play both Yanga and Rayon Sports of Kigali twice in their backyard. When did the rain start beating us ?

Folks playing outside your country only happens due to war or when safety of the visiting team cannot be guaranteed . We are not at war but we have a war with mediocrity where sense of urgency is alien and accountability is non existent

On one side we claim to love and support sports . In 2018 someone is just not able to understand that football is BIG business globally. Talented footballers have single handed transformed their villages and in some cases their home towns and even their economies . Look at all the stars from latin America and West Africa who earn millions and they play alongside one of our own Victor Mugubi Wanyama. It’s very sad the people who are meant to sort such things out don’t see anything wrong .

Even at our lowest point as a nation in the 90’s we never ever forced our football team to seek refuge in a neighbouring country. It’s pains me a great deal when hopes are dashed by people who care less. We have less than 3 weeks to get either Nyayo or Kasarani ready.

If you cannot build the 5 new stadias at least maintain what you you found . I don’t think we are asking for too much. Sports tourism requires enablers like physical stadias and not some artist impression.

To Gor Mahia remain focused whether you play at home or in Siberia . Keep your eye on the ultimate goal, The Cup 🏆🏆.

As always I choose to remain an optimist but at times it gets really hard to keep the optimism thought alive.

Mohammed Hersi

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