Wilson Airport staff surrender a lost bag with $19000. We still have good people🙏

Wilson Airport is in the news most of the time for the wrong reason. When this was shared in a forum I was reading it not knowing how it would end.

I don’t want to dilute the story , I want you to grab yourself a cup of coffee and read this. While we all feel that we have lost it trust me we still have many men and women out there in Kenya including public service who have a heart and truly love this country.

I want to thank Kenya Airports Authority and your staff at Wilson Airport and everyone who made this happen. My take home poing ” Its not about how many CCTVs you got its about the people .”

I have just called Joseph Kabangi the man who handled this matter to thank him , please note these are not my clients and I don’t even know them but they are guests of Kenya Magical Kenya – Kenya Tourist Board

As always I choose to remain an optimist.

Mohammed Hersi.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am Benson Nickolson from the United Kingdom. I am writing this email to share my experience in Kenya. I arrived in Kenya with my family for a three week vacation. I visited various animal conservancies and game parks within Kenya and Tanzania. We traveled by road, SGR and Air interchangeably. As a result, I used various facilities including; Mombasa Airport, Kenyatta Airport, Malindi Airport, Wilson, SGR, Maasai Mara, Serengeti among others.

I wish to draw your attention to an incident that happened in the middle of our journey in Wilson Airport that had the potential of ruining our lives. We arrived in Wilson Airport with my entire group from Mara where we were going to the hotel in readiness for the following day’s trip to the coast. We had many bags and luggage and as the central person, I was in charge of all the resources and finances, so I had a substantial amount of cash and plastic money in form of cards that facilitated our movements and comforts.

The bags were brought from the aircraft with a trolley and passengers were allowed to collect their bags. With the help of our rider, we took our bags and headed to the hotel. When we reached the hotel, I noticed one of my bags was missing, coincidentally it was the bag carrying our cash, valuables and cards. I immediately called our rider who had been with us for more than one week, He checked both vans but could not find the bag. I panicked and asked him to go straight to the airport as I took a cab from the hotel to the airport also. On my way, I called the airline to check if it was left on the plane. They called back regrettably. I asked the airline staff to immediately check the CCTV of the airport, I was shocked to be told that the airport does not have CCTV.

At this stage, I developed temporal insanity as it appeared we had no hopes of recovering the bags. While on traffic around Kenyatta hospital, I got a strange call from +254705211977 where the caller identified himself as Mr. Martin, he asked to speak to Mr. Benson and I told him roughly that am I was in the middle of something and would call him later. I thought I was speaking to a porter I met in the Mara whom I gave my local number. He called again and insisted to know my identity and this time he mentioned that he was calling from Wilson airport security office, I calmed down and told him that I am the one, he told me that a bag was recovered at the pickup point and was trying to trace the owner. I told him with disbelief that I was almost at the airport, I told my driver to drive fast. I arrived at the airport and he directed me to the office where I found him with his supervisor, Mr. Joseph and a police woman. I found my bag and my wallet and cards spread on the table. The long story short, I found my bag and all content intact.

All the money totalling to around 19,000 USD and some thousands of Kenya shillings were all intact. All my cards were found intact. All other valuables which included a regalia given to me by my late grandmother was also intact. It was a day dream for me. I called my people in the hotel to break the good news and they insisted to send one of them with a cab to verify the mystery.

Without any CCTV , I could not comprehend how my bag with such valuable items could still be found and that the owner was called to collect it. My brother lost a tenth of that in South Africa where they have a robust CCTV but could get anything. Therefore, it is not about systems, it is the human factor, the people, the staff who are the greatest asset. I had no recourse, that was my negligence, but I still got all my stuff and money. My brother arrived from the hotel and I confirmed with tears of joy and shock.

They said our bag was recovered at the pick up point when we collected bags and I dropped the small one. In my country, this is not possible to recover. Only in Kenya, I can assure you.
I am writing this to confirm to the Kenyan Authorities that I will spread this good news all over the world and affirm Kenya as the destination of choice for tourism.

To all persons working with or leading Martin Kammauh, please receive this message of thanks. This is the best experience a customer could have in a foreign land.
Our next holiday was scheduled to another country, we have since reviewed to come back to Kenya due to the experience we got from this official and the team.

We will also sell Nrb airport as the airport of choice to the world.
Finally, allow me to recommend installation of CCTV system in the airport for Wilson airport.
Thank you all,

May God bless Mr. Martin, Mr. Joseph and the police woman.

Benson, Family and friends

4 responses to “Wilson Airport staff surrender a lost bag with $19000. We still have good people🙏”

  1. They are rare gems in our midst and deserve recognition by the highest offices and boards of our travel industry. And whether or not this happens, they will be truly blessed by the divine.
    That’s Karma.


  2. Solomon ngomo avatar
    Solomon ngomo

    I have known Joseph from childhood, grown up together, schooled together, we’re neighbours and this attributes to the good care and teachings We were given by our parents,am also working in the security department of Qatar railway, and will be overseeing world cup in Lusail and will definitely Envy my brother incase something like this happens,you have motivated me alot.weldone brother let’s keep the spirit of our mothers and our social and education teacher in our school icaciri High school shinning.


  3. This is a great kenyan story .am phylis wairimu i use wilson airport and i know Joseph through a friend and i tell my friend alot of times that Joseph is the most royal and genuine person i have met in a long while……kudos Joseph ….wilson airport is lucky to have such faithful employeees


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