The German Football team were crowned Kings, Lessons?


We can learn alot from sports when it comes to Management . These basic stats from World cup 2014 says it all. The team with the most passes lifted the trophy. Germany had 4157 passes against a tournaments average of 1583. When Brazil faced Germany , Brazil had 18 shots Germany had 14 , Ball possession Brazil had 51% Germany had 49% , Corners Brazil had 7 Germany had 5 , Shots on goal Brazil had 13 Germany had 12 but in the long run Brazil were drenched 7 -1. It means while Brazil & other teams players chose to hold on to the ball the Germans were busy passing the ball looking for a path to score. While Brazil were busy with efforts , Germans were more focused on results. At work you could be a busy body coupled with drama but Nil at being effective . It is also clear that the team with the best attack was Brazil which also soaked the most goals in the tournament. As they busy played individual runs and shooting in a wild manner off target they were also exposing themselves then its no wonder the team with most passes hit them 7 -1 . Germans played with passion, full commitment, they were brave, recall Veteran workhorse Mario Schweinsteiger getting stiches as we watched and he came back to play on, Now that is full commitment. There is an old proverb , “If you want to walk fast then walk alone if you want to walk far walk together” . Germany chose to walk as a team, they walked the furthest and were deservedly crowned champions. As a company or a business you have a choice to be a Brazil or Germany. Good luck.

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