British Government ( FCO Travel advice) Please lift the ban on Mombasa Kenya, It is safe

Alison ignored the ban to travel to Mombasa and had excellent time. It is the like of Alison we would like to salute as tourism players in kenya. We still appeal to the British Government to lift the ban since a lot has been done matters security. This is a clear testimony by Alison from reading UK Alison O, who ignored the travel advisory by the British Government and visited Mombasa and stayed at Voyager Beach Resort. In her own words this is her feedback courtesy of TripAdvisor website.and I thought I should share the same. “ As a repeat customer of voyager I was very sad that a travel advisory put in place by the govt of the UK suggested that Mombasa was a high risk area for terrorism. My friend and I decided to ignore the ban and go on our holiday anyway as we knew that the advisory was a complete over reaction to some incidents that had covered further north and in Nairobi. As usual we were not disappointed by the voyager hotel, clean, comfortable, fantastic food and first class entertainment from the animation team. Staff are second to none, friendly, helpful and highly professional. A super holiday, super surroundings, super staff, simply the best….already planning visit number 15 for next year!!”

2 responses to “British Government ( FCO Travel advice) Please lift the ban on Mombasa Kenya, It is safe”

  1. I love Kenya, my peaceful country


    1. Please spread the good word


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