You want a career in Tourism? Talk to Mohammed Hersi for free advice & guidance

I have noticed with regret very many parents and their children spending a fortune on a course in tourism and hospitality without a clear career path . Many have come to me when it is too late to seek guidance . I have chosen to do something about it through my blog  & social media. “ You want to pursue a career in Hospitality & Tourism? Then talk to me for free”   I shall guide , advice and mentor any young person looking at a career in tourism . I also have many willing Industry veterans willing to do this for free. A FB page will also come up . I will critically analyse some of the colleges even universities  esp rogue ones taking desperate Kenyans for a ride. It is my intention to empower parents and young Kenyans seeking a career in tourism In Kenya and East Africa. All this will be free of charge . It is the least I can do to give back. Pose your question and I will respond but the final call is all yours.  1: Before you enroll in any college , please ask them to give you 10 of their successful alumni be it in employment or entrepreneurship. 2: If you will spend more than 50% of your time on attachment then run away from that college . More to follow as you ask questions. I will only be able to respond after office hours and weekends so please bear with me. Please note this is not a job seeking platform, It is purely career guidance.

22 responses to “You want a career in Tourism? Talk to Mohammed Hersi for free advice & guidance”

  1. Francis Kipees avatar
    Francis Kipees

    Hi this is Francis as mentioned above, I would wish to ask, I m a diploma holder in tour guiding & tourism mngmnt from Regional institute willing to advance my education but along tourism, what is good for me btwn bachelor of tourism mngmnt & eco-tourism?


    1. Dear Francis, Tourism management is a wider field so you need to be more specific and which University. Eco tourism is more specific. As the world gets more keen to preserve the environment so are firms looking out for Eco Tourism trained professionals . Many sanctuaries and conservancies will be looking out of for you and even driver guides they are now looking at candidates who are trained on matters eco. If you decide to form your own NGO one day you are well positioned to go places. If you choose Eco Tourism then you must be someone with passion for matters environment, it is just not a career and be ready to spend time in the wild more than the city. I hope that helps and good luck in your career endevours.


  2. This is most welcome as there are too many ugali colleges and even some universities fleecing parents by offering sub standard training.


    1. This will help the youth & their parents to make the right choice.


  3. Elizabeth Aduda avatar
    Elizabeth Aduda



  4. thanks for coming up for this a diploma holder in tourism and wildlife management and currently a private birdguide and based in marsabit. Your ideas are of great help. thumbs


  5. i am a graduate of bachelors degree in tourism management…however my dream was to own a tour/travel company….currently am employed n stack in hotel n i dont love what i do at all…please advice


  6. Hersi,
    A Great page. I am a former student of Kenya Utalii in F&B advanced level&USIU,Currently F&F at the Parliament of Kenya.I have handled several students from different college n University in hospitality and can say these is the best forum to Educate our sisters and brothers on hospitality!Kudos my brother!


    1. Karibu we can help each other to assist the young


      1. Hi!
        humbled .Please Mr Hersi,can we think of coming up with a body for all industry managers to control ,register and vet all industry managers?


  7. I welcome the idea I am a victim of choosing Tourism career without basic orientation on specification. we were pioneers in Tourism Management Kenya polytechnic.


  8. sharzade Mohamed avatar
    sharzade Mohamed

    I love this. Im a student, currently 4th year doing tourism, and being an amateur in the indistry, I will really need your advice. Thanks Hersi


    1. Dear Sharzade, Thanks you and it is my pleasure to help. Good luck in your career


  9. I would like to first thank you for finally starting your blog. I have been a keen follower of your work on facebook and twitter and I must say, with no exaggeration whatsoever, that you have been one of the greatest pacesetters in the tourism industry.

    I recently completed my undergraduate studies in law, and I would like to know if there are any courses (postgraduate perhaps) that you would recommend for a lawyer with a great passion for environmental and tourism matters.


    1. Dear Wambui,
      Thanks for the kind words.
      Wow what a combination legal and now matters environment. Yes we have several universities eg Moi that we will be happy to offer you a course in Environment. We certainly need a legal mind with passion for environment matters. UN has an entire body for matter environment UNEP based right here in Kenya.. I hope this helps. btw I am also very passionate about matters environment.

      Good luck


  10. Bwana Hersi, I surely recognise and assure my support to the young people out there and are seeking for the guidance in this challenging, yet exciting career.


    1. Dear Seth,

      Thanks you for the support please free free to contribute.


  11. Dear Mohammed,

    First of all, thank you for creating this forum. I am an avid reader of your facebook twitter posts and is even more excited to be following through the advices.

    My question: What do you think of the idea of changing careers while in the industry? Unfortunately (or not) I applied for an FO course in college, but got a different course instead, went off to the industry, and by luck, landed an FO job. The only problem is that my certificate reads of a totally different thing from what am practising and is afraid that if I decided to change jobs, it would be difficult explaining & even being heard because my experience and papers are worlds apart.

    Kindly advice.


    1. Dear Atieno,

      Firstly thank you for the kind words. In life you should do what you love, if being in front office is what makes you happy then go for it. I gather you did a course which is not front office related maybe housekeeping I guess. The course you did is still not a waste of time but nothing stops you from pursuing a formal course to augment your experience in your preferred career choice. We have many universities that will help you do that with ease. Your initial course is not in any way supposed to block you from pursuing any further studies . If you read an earlier post Wambui studied law and she now planning to pursue a post graduate studies in matters Environment. I hope you find this useful and good luck in your career endeavours.

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    Knowledgeable kenyan guides and interpreters represent a vital link between visitors and their experience of Kenya and its many tourist attractions. Among them we have the largest cadre of genuine multi-lingual guides in East Africa with specialization in many languages that you can requet for.

    Because of this, guides in Kenya are required to undergo a process of qualification and registration. They should know the background of tourists, speak their language and have to know how the tourists made their money (process) and afforded to come for holidays.


    Tourism Theory; – Tourism development, effects, sources, attractions, marketing, geography & destinations. Typing/computer knowledge & Correspondence
    1. Social Aspects of Tourism; – Evolution, prehistoric sites, tourism motivation, archeology, linguistic groups.
    2. Speak & write at least a foreign language, Human Relations
    3.Tourism Law, Social Anthropology & History
    4. Touristic Geography; conservation issues, taxonomy, mammology, insects, climatology, ornithology, marine & physical Geography
    5. Professional Techniques; – tour product, tour office organization, national parks & reserves, tourist circuits in East Africa, briefing & debriefing of tourists, tour planning (costing, pricing & invoicing), hotel classification & Transport (logistic) issues.
    6. Driving – proper not like matatu drivers
    7. Ranger
    8. First aid
    9. Sales & Marketing


    1. Dear Wilberforce,
      Thanks for the contribution and I am glad that you will come in handy to advice all the young people aspiring to join the ever growing tourism industry more so the world of tours & travel which is your domain. Let’s keep the discussion going.


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