#SomeoneTellDonaldTrump, Africa is a continent and not a country.

Donald J. Trump , You seem to have a huge problem to understand Africa a place many of us call home. Let me help you to understand the sheer size of Africa. Ignorance is dangerous more so when it comes from a man I hold in high esteem. You have been in the forefront pushing for flight ban from West Africa to the United States in wake of the Ebola crisis. In wake of Sars I do not recall you calling for flight ban from China, Thailand etc . You seem to have a problem linking Obama and anything African. He may have his lineage in Africa but he is certainly American and he is the President of the United States of America.  Please learn to differentiate the two.  If you may still be behind news , Nigeria one of the countries in Africa and the largest economy just managed to defeat Ebola while the US is still struggling with one or two cases with people like you spreading more panic rather than constructive means to deal with it. Firstly Africa is a huge continent and we have 53 independent nations that make the continent of Africa. If anything Africa is more diverse than any other continent in the world. From the North  we have Egypt, Morocco to the South Namibia and South Africa, From the East Comoro islands to the West Gambia & Mauritania .  Kenya my home is home to safari, best tea & coffee, world beating athletes, I am sure many are getting ready for New York marathon, please don’t run away when they show up. The continent of Africa can fit US, China, India and Western Europe & Argentina. If I recall well Dr Mo Ibrahim did advice that people like yourself can do themselves a great favour , please google Africa to learn more about these great continent. It is all free of charge.

2 responses to “#SomeoneTellDonaldTrump, Africa is a continent and not a country.”

  1. I totally agree, I think DJT has a problem with “Acceptance” ,He’s been attacking Obama administration for 6 years now. I now know that ignorance is a ready substitute for knowledge in the life of a wealthy person.


  2. Donald J. Trump, rich in money!!! – Rich in life???


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