My Fellow Kenyans & Friends, this Easter visit Mombasa & Kenya Coast. #KeepCalmVistMombasa

In light of the fresh FCO Travel advisory I am now appealing to all Kenyans and residnets who had booked to stay in resorts along the Kenya coast over Easter holidays to continue with their plans.  I appeal to you not to cancel your stay. security has tremendously improved since December 2014. This advisory is nothing new as it only extended the area from Mtwapa to Tana River now including Kilifi & Malindi. It has however shocked us since it has all been calm and normalcy was returning to Mombasa and Kenya coast.  If anything we were looking forward to the lifting of the Non-essential travel . A truly friendly nation will not ask its citizens to keep off but ask them to exercise caution while helping the affected country to deal with any security threat. It is ironic that after the Paris attack the entire EU descended on Paris to stand with the French as sign of solidarity. It takes you and I with other Kenyans and any other friendly nation to stand up and support the Kenya Coast. I also know very many British visitors who have ignored the non-essential travel advise to continue visiting the Kenya coast. The economy of the coast region is in dire straits due to these long ban, if anything it is now having a counter effect. For tourism and Kenya cost to do well we must get this advisory lifted all together. First things first  Please help us save Easter bookings and keep the economy of Mombasa and Kenya coast going.   Keep Calm & Come To Mombasa & Kenya Coast

One response to “My Fellow Kenyans & Friends, this Easter visit Mombasa & Kenya Coast. #KeepCalmVistMombasa”

  1. Hey man! Noted.


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