Please lift the non esential travel advisory on Lamu Island

As Tourism players at the coast we lobbied and pushed really hard to get the non essential advisory lifted on Mombasa , Diani & Malindi / Watamu.  Thanks to our government for the measures it has taken  matters security.  The worst that can happen to any destination is a non essential travel advisory to be imposed on it . Non essential travel advisory is TERRIBLE. It is simply a No GO ZONE instruction which destroys an entire economy like it almost did in the case of Mombasa and good part of Kenya coast. We are yet to recover from its negative effects. Lamu an Island that is purely dependent on tourism has been forgotten. Granted we had security issues in Lamu county but Lamu as a county is HUGE  6167 Sqkm,  Mpeketoni is 45KM away from Mukowe and Manda Airport . If Eastleigh in the heart of Nairobi  696Sqkm can be isolated as a non-essential travel advisory so the same should apply to the mainland but spare Lamu Island which is the main tourist zone and Manda Airport which connects any would be traveller to the rest of Kenya. Until the other day Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt was all clear yet it was Sandwiched in a volatile area facing the Gulf of Aden & Sinai which is a stone’s throw but were receiving 3M+ European tourists, A million were British yet Lamu Island is on its own had strict advisory slapped on it. The area around Sharm El Shekih was also on Non essential so all I am saying do the same for Mpeketoni, Witu etc . As we converge on the island of Lamu for the Lamu Cultural Festival I will be making very strong pleas to the Western nations notably UK, USA, France et al to seriously review the status of Lamu Island . There is no imminent danger on lamu island and lamu never had any incident even at its worst moment besides security has been heightened since then. As the world supports Paris to get back it’s normalcy so Lamu equally needs the same compassion. Enjoy the fest .

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