Do you know your MCA candidate?

Late last year I penned a piece on MCA’s i also recall stating thay they were not glorified councillors. Here I am again to remind you .

As we head to the polls on Tuesday 8/8 I know many of us don’t bother much with MCA position. I bet many don’t know who they will vote when it comes to the MCA position.

We are all focused on President , Governor and MP pushing a key position of an MCA to the corner . What we forget is that MCA’s will determine how your county affairs will be managed.

MCA’s are considered as glorified councillors which is a very big mistake on our part. It is useless to elect a great Governor but give him / her a bunch of hungry marauding MCA’S as the cast to support the Governor .

Folks we all live in a county or the other , I believe we can all make an informed choice by getting the right MCA. As things stand now as long as we continue voting for an MCA say on party lines or even guess work we are doomed. As you step into that box I hope and pray that it is no longer guess work. I have even heard some say that they will leave the MCA ballot blank.

Allow me to remind you that these are guys :

*Who can impeach a governor

*They can create hell for a well meaning governor .

* They scare the hell out of a governor elected by the people .

*They can impeach any CEC or even the governor himself .

On the flip side good bunch of MCA’s will equally hold to account a rogue governor in an objective manner. MCA is too important position to be left to failures and opportunists . Trust me investing in a good MCA is worth every cent.

On my recent drive around in Nairobi I saw many Kenyans of Asian descent vying to be MCA’s and that really warmed my heart. You cannot be the ones running the business of the city then leave the politics to the rest

I know many of you are focused on the presidency but you should not forget that the local stuff revolves around a governor and MCA’s are a crucial in the entire set up .

Mohammed Hersi :


Chairman Kenya Tourism Federation

7 responses to “Do you know your MCA candidate?”

  1. I totally agree. I was sharing this with my staff two weeks ago. We have the power in our hands and a chance to make a positive impact in the present and future state of our country. It is true ignorance is no defense. I choose to know. Thanks for this encouraging challenge .


    1. Truy we have the power to make a genuine difference


    2. Thanks Waciru for reading my post. As we now head to 8/8 we should take time to get who is who .


  2. I conqur .And my major concern is the women representative position especially if it involves muslim women .what do they offer? In terms of development in the country for their fellow women ?


    1. Ulfat sadly women have to work three times as hard. It’s rough out there but they should not give up. The laws must also get punitive on women who use violence against women.


  3. Great piece… More importance should be given to that position. People need to
    be educated on what these positions entail and how much they can affect their lives.


  4. How embarassing Im ashamed to admit I hadnt given much thougt to my choice of Mca. Of course it makes sense to but guess caught in the hype of the ‘higher authorities’. Thanks for that


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