Aspiring Africa , Kenya leads the way >>>

“When you wash your hands , you can eat with the kings ” goes an African Proverb .
#whyilovekenya ; Exit PM Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel enter Modi of India. 

A few weeks ago we also had Park Gyeun of South Korea home to Samsung & LG in town. World’s most powerful nation on earth also dispatched their President Barack Obama to come and check on us . His Holiness Pope could also not visit Africa & bypass Kenya , he honoured us with his visit. Banki Moon SG United Nation was also here. The list can go on and on. 

Were it not for Brexit PM Cameron was scheduled to be in town as well.

Folks these are just NOT some struggling nations . These are serious players. The simple fact that they have chosen Kenya means that a would be investor from any of those countries would look up and take notice. In some instances our President had to go and visit others like France , Germany , South Africa, Italy et al . These are NOT some Jua Kali nations . 

The visit is more than just a gun salute and lavish dinner. Huge deals are signed as the two nations work together . From where I sit a would be tourist who was worried visiting Kenya would be packing their bags to make that trip of a lifetime .

There must be something GOK is doing . It is clear that world leaders would like to interact with our President and they see huge potential doing business with Kenya. We then have the hard working CS Amina Mohammed ,Foreign Affairs pulling strings in the background with her international networks. One case she played played a big role to diffuse the imminent danger of our team getting banned from Rio 2016.

Folks let us seize the moment and the opportunity . The world is focused on Kenya despite all the misgivings . 

As usual I choose to be an optimist. 
Africa is rising and Kenya is the heart & engine . Africa from a hopeless continent in less than two decades is now a rising star let us take our rightful spot as Kenya

God Bless Kenya , have a joyful blessed Sunday and a great week ahead.

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