Ethiopia is diamond next door for Kenya Coast tourism 

Blue Ocean matters when it comes to strategize on how to exploit the Ethiopian market . I personally consider Ethiopia a very critical source market to help Mombasa and entire Kenya coast . I met an agent and a good friend.

The findings were very very interesting .
I do not mind sharing the feedback since I consider the more of us going to Ethiopia the better since Kenya will be promoted and sold aggressively . It is my dream if more of us can join hands and promote Mombasa and Kenya coastCoast in Addis Ababa.

 Sept 11 is their new year .

 190 Embassies located in Addis.

 It is one of the few cities with two US Ambassadors . One for Ethiopia and one for AU .They have a very strong workforce of AU

 Ethiopia has 90+ M people and it is landlocked craving for beach holidays. Mombasa is only 2 Hours flight away

 Ethiopia Airlines flies twice daily into Mombasa connecting Mombasa to over 110 Cities around the world. A Dreamliner plies this route ( 14 Flights a week ) . They are planning to bring their new A350 to Mombasa. You don’t fly a A350 to a hopeless destination

 January 6th is their Christmas. January is dead for many resoets after a busy festive.

 January is their wedding season + Honeymoon season

 Easter is after 2 weeks after our Easter. What a great opportunity.

 After Easter is wedding season again which is normally after long fasting period. May and June is very quiet time for resorts along the coast

 School holidays are June to August every year, well spot the opportunities

Opportunities galore, I choose to be an optimist . You have a choice to look at this new window .

One response to “Ethiopia is diamond next door for Kenya Coast tourism ”

  1. Joseph Kang'ethe avatar
    Joseph Kang’ethe

    I think this is a great opportunity for kenyan tourism which is also aimed at promoting regional tourism and thereby reducing our need to totally rely on the traditional markets that hit us hard when faced with travel advisories and so forth.


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