Nairobi does not need a double decker road , get a light metro

I have always objected to a double decker road as a solution to solve Nairobi traffic gridlock even for Mombasa. It was even laughable when a suggestion was made that to drive on the double decker road you will pay a premium.

The source of traffic gridlock is caused by private motorists and of course the indisciplined public transport.

Give Nairobians a reason to leave their cars at home , give them a safe clean reliable sky train they’ll happily use it and leave their cars at home. Driving sitting in traffic all day is total waste of time and tiring.

The line is nothing but a flyover with a railway line on it. Run one from Athi river to Rironi with a line to JKIA. 2nd phase should run from Ongata Rongai to Thika.

From JKIA I will hop on to one with my stroller bag. We do it in London.Berlin.Bangkok etc
Bangkok with a population of 9M is happily using a skytrain. What is so hard with Nbi with a population of 3.5M adopting the same ?. Addis population is like Nbi and they have opted for a light rail.

I am happy that the experts at world Bank have finally seen the light. Nairobi needs a skytrain. Please don’t waste time and money funding a double decker road.

Find a light metro that can Ferry thousands of people a day is no brainer even cheaper to implement.

As always I remain an optimist

One response to “Nairobi does not need a double decker road , get a light metro”

  1. Even a tram could run along the main highways, but the problem is people have built and developed homes & shops on the wayleaves.


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