Let Naivasha be , we have Mombasa Special Economic Zone 

Matters Mombasa Port , SGR & Naivasha. The untold story of the planned Mombasa Special Economic Zone .
While lots of focus is being given to effects of Naivasha inland port with  some real and some perceived fears , a key development that will totally change the fortunes of Mombasa & Kwale is being ignored.
We have 3000+  acres allocated to Mombasa Special Economic Zone which is sitting right across Mtongwe side .  What coast leaders should be asking and pushing for is the 2nd phase of Dogo Kundu Bypass which will happen anyway but any fast tracking will help. Japanese & Chinese firms are already eyeing the SEZ.  As a Hotelier I am also eyeing the area for good business hotels , I am sure many hotels will come up catering to the business community.
The economic zone will host a free port & industrial park which means the entire region will flock to Mombasa as opposed to going to Dubai or Guangzhou.  If you want to know what a free port can do just look at thriving Eastleigh supplying DRC, Rwanda Uganda traders with goods .
The free port and the economic zone will completely transform the fortunes of Mombasa and Kwale . The manufacturing that will happen  here will also make us an exporter of finished goods bringing that much talked about value addition saving us much needed forex .
While Mombasa port is currently handling 1M containers the same may double or even triple which is growing the cake this  is called ABUNDANCE MENTALITY . The port of Singapore handles 34M containers ,  Trust me Mombasa will be busy so will be Naivasha saving us the headache of trucks on Nbi Mombasa highway. Kisumu will also get busy once the SGR line gets there.
Well the gem is what I have explained. Mombasa Special Economic Zone is the main thing.
Now You  know.
Well as always I choose to remain an optimist.

5 thoughts on “Let Naivasha be , we have Mombasa Special Economic Zone ”

  1. I don’t get it!
    How will Mombasa and Kwale improve if one of the conditions the Chinese gave for the construction of the SGR is that 70% of all the goods to pass through Mombasa must be transported by the SGR.

    That condition will kill the Dongo Kundu dream of Mombasa hosting the EFZ and FTZ,we will be a ghost city!


  2. Good thought bt the dongo kundu thing is taking decades thats why every now and then the coast ppl will always be against the govt lets turn the ideas into reality


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