A Truck mounted with blaring speakers  is not advertising , it’s NOISE 

Allow me to comment about the so called road shows where trucks are mounted with defeaning loud speakers ostensibly to promote a product or a service. Folks we cannot pretend to be a country
on the run with such archaic ways of promoting a business.  Such trucks are used worldwide but they are stationed at a park or one place for a few hours but not moving all around the city disturbing peace at schools, hospitals, offices even worship places are not spared. 

This morning on Uhuru highway , a truck with dancers promoting a financial house was simply blasting noise with ear splitting decibels.  The noise levels was simply ear splitting , even if you wound
up your mirrors the vibration was enough to make you uncomfortable. Can you imagine a sick or elderly person going to hospital stuck in a vehicle next to these madness. What about young children whose ear drums have not even fully developed or that investor
who has just landed at JKIA? 

The problem with us Kenyans is that we see this so often that we think it is normal. I will tell you for free IT’S NOT NORMAL. No serious town let alone a city that will allow such madness.
Why would anyone or sensible serious company allow their brand to be hawked in such a manner? 

Why would any city authority or NEMA allow such noise levels in the first place ? How much do they pay to the county for them to be allowed to create such terrible
noise levels.

A serious city will never allow this and it just makes us look so backward simply put its “Ushenzi”. To the firms that do this road shows please fire your marketing team. Are you that desperate and
this applies to all the firms that love doing this. You piss off very many people.

Can serious marketers in Kenya stand up and save us , can the relevant authorities stop this madness, Who will wake up NEMA?

You want to sell a product to me then talk to me nicely, don’t shout at me to make it even worse with mounted speakers.


One response to “A Truck mounted with blaring speakers  is not advertising , it’s NOISE ”

  1. William Kalombo avatar
    William Kalombo

    Nice piece!


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