Are we that hopeless against the invasive water hyacinth? I refuse to give up .

I write this post on a sad note . My hotel room at Acacia Premier  hotel  is supposed to have a great view of Lake Victoria ( its not really about my view ) Sadly the lake is no longer visible thanks to water hyacinth that has rendered the lake almost pretty useless.  

The area I have marked in red is supposed to be a beautiful mass of water now all covered by the notorious invasive water hyacinth.  

Hyacinth  menace is not only in Kenya.  How have the rest of the world dealt with it? It can be harvested and it can be mechanically destroyed. As a lover of matters environment we must do something.  

Lake Victoria is the source of River Nile and all the counties that fight for use of Nile should get concerned.  One time Egypt was ready to go to war if any country attempted  to interfere with flow of the  Nile, where are they now? Where is IGAD  ? Both national and county goverments  must have this top on their agenda besides Lake Victoria is considered a future source of water for good part of Kenya..

I personally refuse to accept that hyacinth  has defeated us.  Man is intelligent enough to deal with such and I believe we have what it takes to eradicate it. 

As always I choose ro remain an optimist that this matter will be addressed with both urgency and the importance it deserves.

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