You want to benchmark on city planning , go next door Kigali NOT Singapore.

​Rwanda Kigali  next door neighbour is showing the rest of Sub  Saharan  Africa that indeed growth of a city can be done in an orderly manner.

Please note the orderly manner in which the residential homes are coming up replacing the current red bricks homes synonymous with Kigali. How I wish the same could happen in our cities and towns.

I recall chatting with a fellow Kenyan in Kigali and He quipped ” There is too much order Bwana ”

Well these are the sort of  things that make me not give up on Africa, they call it a continent many of us a call it home.

Rwanda is leading the way to kill the common notion that feeds mediocrity  ( This Is  Africa . TIA  )

As always I choose to remain an optimist.  To Rwandan people create  your own path and banish the nonsensical myth that nothing good comes out of Sub Saharan Africa.  From T.I.A ( This Is Africa)  to P.A ( Proudly Africa.)

Kigali and Rwanda should inspire the rest of Africa with far bigger resources yet choose to wallow in dirt and urban chaos 24/7.

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