Kwale can create the first well planned city in Kenya thanks to the planned bypass.


Why Kwale is the next big thing if only they seize the opportunity. 

Above is Muscat  Corniche drive that  can be replicated at the Tsunza waterfront.  We must avoid private homes taking up this space .

For those who are observant you would have seen the invitation by GOK for bidders to implement the 2nd and 3rd phase of the Southern  bypass commonly referred to as the  Dongo Kundu a Ksh  30B project supported by JICA

The 2nd phase starts with the Mwache bridge 660 meters which will virtually be right  opposite the Miritini SGR  station cutting through the village of Tsunza which is a peninsula.  I have marked that area in red . This area is the main reason behind this post. 

The planned bypass will cut right through the Peninsula  to exit at the second bridge whivh will be the longest in Kenya 1.4KM with dual highway with an extra lane for service vehicles and emergency lane. The Tsunza  Pennisula  is facing the port of Mombasa and the Mombasa International Airport including the SGR  station.  The view is simply stunning.

This Pennisula is close to Mombasa 7KM to Miritini  interchange  once the bypass is done but it falls under Kwale county . The size of Tsunza is more than double the size of Mombasa island hence I see nothing but win win opportunities. 

Now allow me to address the opportunities that I see . Kwale county has the luxury of setting up the first commercial hub in any county in Kenya by converting  this Pennisula  to  a well planned city in Kenya Coast. They are getting a super very modern highway that will also cut through the planned Mombasa economic zone. 

Two years ago I made a presentation on same to the county government of Kwale. They were simply amazed with what is coming their way but they must seize the opportunity and avoid the mess we have in port reitz and changamwe. 

Kwale town  can still remain the political base while Tsunza Penisula as a new city becomes the commercial hub of Kwale. Many firms name it shipping, banking , including airport hotels and business hotels will find this place an ideal to set up shop. That will only happen if strict zoning and planning is done now. Industries and go down will be located further inland. 

One thing that ought to be done is to ensure no buildings are allowed to come up on the 1st  & 2nd row .  We should NOT allow private homes coming up blocking the excellent views. 

To Kwale  county please please zone the place and do not allow industries and container yards from lining up a Ksh  32B highway.  Please do not allow speculators who will come to divde land into tiny  plots creating another slum . We already have enough slums in Kenya. We need to see service e industry occupying the first rows  creating huge employment to many not to mention the huge tax base for Kwale county.

I have chosen to showcase Muscat Corniche in Oman . I believe the ones who set up Mama Ngina  had this in mind.

The locals farm prawns and with  modern technology like in Thailand they can be allowed to do so what they love best if they do wish but in another way but the new city will also provide them with never ending opportunities 

Well  your journey to any Diani resort will take hardly 30 minutes leaving MIA  or SGR  Miritini station.

One more thing at the end of the 2nd bridge a high tower will be out up as tourist attraction to enable  you get a birds eye view of Mombasa island and the Peninsula. 

Well as always I choose to see the brighter side of life hence I choose to remain an optimist.

Now you know

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