Ronaldo, get to know him. It’s sheer hard work.

Allow me to share insights on a footballer who has grown from strength to strength. A footballer who is considered not as skilful as other greats  but works extremely hard to thrive and shine.

Last night he helped his team Real Madrid  to win the champions league back to back with ease.

I have always been meaning to pen a piece about CR7 and no better time to do it.  

From my reading allow me to share a few facts on Ronaldo and hopefully we can draw some lessons from them.

1. Christiano  Ronaldo was not even meant to be born. When his parents conceived him they already had 3 other children.  His mother confessed life was so hard and they were not ready for another child . His father was struggling to overcome alcoholism while the mother worked as a maid struggling to make ends meet. His parents had decided that the mother would abort but later on chose to see the pregnancy through. He was recently asked and he said ” I don’t blame my mother but what matters is that she chose not to and I was born ”

2. He was named Ronaldo  because the father was a big fan of Ronald Reagan who was US President when Ronaldo was born. He chose to name him Ronaldo  which was a Portuguese version of Ronald.

3. Ronaldo started playing football but at age 15 he was diagnosed with a heart condition  ” Racing Heart ” which was not a good thing.  He had to undergo surgery to mend the condition.  

4. Going to play in EPL  he was meant to sign for Liverpool but they were not keen to rock the salary structure hence Arsenal were next. Wenger even admitted that they had printed a jersey  for him.  As always Wenger  was busy pussy  footing counting coins and entered Sir Alex Ferguson who gave Ronaldo  what he was asking for and the rest as they say is history.

5. At Man United he wanted to don jersey  No 28 but Sir  Alex was not ready for that.  He insisted on No7. Ronaldo was worried that No7 was won by greats like  at George Best , Canyons, Beckham et am  and he did not want unnecessary  pressure. Sir Alex insisted on it and despite a few low times Ronaldo went on to unleash his talent and thrived.  He finally branded himself and he used the No7 to become CR7  which is now a respected money making brand.

6.Ronaldo did very well at Man United and Real came calling. Many  thought including yours truly then why would anyone leave a successful team . He moved on  becoming the most expensive footballer at that time. 

7. Well he went to Real Madrid where he has remained since then repeating one success after the other.

8. Ronaldo is known to practice for days NOT hours just to perfect a free kick style.  He knows he is not that gifted hence he makes up through practice practice  and more practice which requres serious self discipline. The book Outlier supports the same theory, they talk of 10,000 hours to master a skill .

In addition to practice he is very passionate in anything he does, we still recall images of limping Ronaldo at the Euro  finals touch line motivating his colleagues not to give up where Portugal eventualy won.  Remember he got injured forcing him to leave the pitch while he was in pain and tears .

9. Ronaldo does NOT drink or smoke . He also chose to strengthen his body to give him the power and body muscle to stay on his feet . He used to be a lanky lad. In the process he developed a 6 pack which has helped him to promote his clothing line in addition to his goal scoring prowess .

10. Ronaldo is one very generous soul helping  many around the world. A more special one is that Ronaldo does not have any tattoo  and the main reason is that he is a dedicated regular blood donor hence  tattoo is a  No No.

In the last 12 months alone Ronaldo has achieved the following :

🏆 Champions League


🏆 Ballon d’Or

🏆 La Liga

🏆 Champions League

Good people I thought I should share this findings on  Christiano Ronaldo a player who has been misunderstood by many people but who is now getting to be known as a kind hearted human being .

What lessons do you draw from this man ?please share your thoughts .

Now you know and as always I choose to remain an optimist.

Mohammed Hersi

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