To Kenya Railways , its time to get your ducks in a row. 

Madarak Express & Kenya Railwaya:
I am a big fan of this huge project SGR Kenya now named Madaraka Express. The niceties are now over, I am obsessed with customer care hence I will be very candid. 

It pains me a great deal to see basics missing since  the debut of Madaraka  Express 

I have always and will continue to support this project but Kenya Railways you need to get your acts together mara moja. 

I have no idea why on earth you insist on physical visits to book a train ticket, this is 2017 . Kenya Railways This is NOT 1977 . Please change your mindset, you are not running the Lunatic express anymore. You are running Madaraka Express that has cost us a leg and an arm.

A project is NOT just about hardware, we have the things you may think are mundane  or small but matters the most.  Setting up online payment with Mpesa and credit card or debit   is the easiest thing you can do to. Why would anyone not have such a basic in the first place ? What were you waiting for?  Why did you  have to wait until the last  minute to give a simple schedule.  What about if you were running multiple lines.?

We were told the operations of the train will still remain with the Chinese contractor and an Australian firm . Where are they?  Are they really on duty ?

Then finally to my fellow Kenyans we must use the facility in a civilised manner.  Standing on seats , littering the floor of the station, leaving the washrooms in a mess please get civilised. Vandalism is not just about bigger hardware but simple things inside the train equally matter . 

To Kenya Railways cute smiling girls and handsome young men in nice uniform with an oriental bow  is not everything.  There is no honeymoon if anything the next 30 days will greatly determine what images Madaraka Express will cut for itself .

Finally a staff member without a name tag has NO business being on duty.  A proper name tag not that badge hanging on your neck like you are  attending a 3 days Conference. A name badge is just that a badge something pinned on your left hand side blouse or jacket  with your name well printed for anyone to read for both positive or negative feedback  A name tag is the foundation for accountability. 

You are now in my territory of service delivery I am quite ruthless, please style up and time is indeed of the essence. What about getting your ducks in a row. 

As always I choose to remain an optimist 

Mohammed Hersi


Kenya Coast Tourism Association

One response to “To Kenya Railways , its time to get your ducks in a row. ”

  1. Thanks Mr. Hersi for raising this issue. Service delivery is key and will be the factor in SGR on if they will retain their customers.


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