May Nakumatt rise up like the proverbial bird phoenix 

Good people every firm has its ups and downs.

Nakumatt  a Kenyan brand which is more than two decades old is going through the toughest times since inception.

Nakumatt were pioneers in one stop shopping.  They made family shopping such a pleasure  . Before they moved into TZ  and UG  , folks from Arusha would drive all the way to Nbi for shopping.

Nakumatt brought everything under one roof, from grocery to fresh vegetables to electronics and furniture.

Nakumatt  employs thousands of Kenyans not to mention the back linkage with suppliers and many other auxiliary services.

It is malicious and sickening for anyone to cook more negative stories  about Nakumatt  . They are aching, the pain they are undergoing is painful enough so let us spare them . 

When  I visit any of their stores, I see worried staff but never have I seen or heard any one of them speak Ill of their employer. They are all putting a brave face and I believe their prayers will be answered by Nakumatt turning the corner. They are currently wounded, more negative talk is not helping them. What joy do you get  painting a more gloomy picture.
My fellow Kenyans you all recall when Tuskys  were having issues , Atul  Shah  offered to arbitrate yet they were a competition. History also has it that the founding parents were close before they all grew their business big time. Onky a man who thinks abundance will dare help a competitor.
Finally to Atul Shah & family, Nakumatt  is no longer a mom & pop  store and it has never been one. It is high time you opened the business  to third party directors or Independent directors who will add tremendous value including good corporate governance.   By now Nakumatt should have gone public tapping into more funds from the bourse. Trust me you can still remain a key shareholder. What is the use to grow a business only to see it die  while solutions are in abundance?  You also need to rest and let money and professionals work for you. There is time for everything. 

On this Eid Day we have you and your loyal  staff who have served us for years with a big smile in our prayers.

Nakumatt you are considered part of our DNA  you wont  fold. You are down but you are certainly not out.  Please rise up like the proverbial phoenix bird rise and shine again.

As always I choose to remain an optimist

3 responses to “May Nakumatt rise up like the proverbial bird phoenix ”

  1. Yes Nakumatt deserves a hand and has been reaching out. But that requires independent scrutiny that the current owners don’t seem ready to accept


  2. This is the spirit of Kenya that I so much wish others could emulate.Thank you for using social media for a good course.


  3. Well put sir! Your optimism is highly admired. We tend to forget so soon. Nakumatt introduced us a different level of shopping in Kenya and environ. We should appreciate and help.


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