Madaraka Express, from Ridiculous to Absurd

Madaraka Express from ridiculous to absurd . When we thought that all the feedback we have been giving we now get this

Who is advising KR on Madaraka Express? While we laud the additional train service you can’t fail to miss to see the weired rules that has been sneaked in.

In business when you buy in bulk you pay less per unit , what is this that when you book more tickets you pay more. Why are they so fixated with setting some rules that simply don’t add up . So if a group of Chama decide in under 9 days to travel they can’t get tickets? I thought we are in a free market and buy your ticket anytime you so wish . Then the most ridiculous , so called foreigners will pay Ksh4000. What informed that decision. Even hotels we are now moving from that silly rates discrimination. Can you imagine walking into a London tube and I am made to pay 6 times more than a UK or EU citizen.

Well at this rate I am afraid Madaraka Express is setting a first on how NOT to run a railway passenger line.

Oh My Oh My . Remaining optimistic on this is now becoming quite a hard one. This is very very disappointing

Mohammed Hersi

Chairman Kenya Tourism Federation.

9 responses to “Madaraka Express, from Ridiculous to Absurd”

  1. Crazy doesnt even start to describe it!!
    This is rooted i. Some old stereotype that the tourists are rich people that need to be exploited.
    As se protest this though, ordinary kenyan has to change too. Look at the ridiculous price foreigners pay at Masai markets!!!


  2. I equally tried 3 times to get the tickets to no success. Kenya is being held captive by individuals who don’t have its interests at heart rather their own selfish gains. This ticketing system is outrageous and outright theft.


  3. When the train service is being run by some clueless fellas who know zilch about transport commerce and operations, we are left to tolerate mediocrity and useless bureaucracy.
    That train service is slowly being turned into a Kenya Meat Commission


  4. Hmmm, funny how now you are up against them…in comparison to your previous writing on the railways with regards to cargo… What about all the jobs transport sector will lose. Selfish prick


    1. I still support the project . It is noble and a good one. What I don’t like is the operations and servkce aspect .

      So you should learn to read and understand . Calling me names I equally hold a keyboard while you hide behind a faceless name.


  5. We come to Kenya on holiday every year and being a train buff would like to do the return trip Mom / Nar / Mom, which would mean stayng in Nairobi for one possibly two nights This means booking a hotel in Nairobi and informing our Kilifi hotel what days we won’t be there. We’ve tried e mailing the railway several times without reply, but it would appear that we can only do it three days ahead either by phone ( Do you know what a long phone call costs from France?) and besides we don’t have a M account, or we have to go to Mombasa station three days before and probably find all the tickets are sold, and besides why should I have to go from Kilifi to Mombasa and back by taxi just to try to get tickets. It all seems rather like the shambles that was the Evisa. We love Kenya but do sometimes feel Kenya doesn’t want tourists. Kenya is just now starting to advertise Kenya as a tourist destination on European TV!!!!! Something they should have done straight after the Crisis! We managed to make to Kenya under our own steam after the holiday companies pulled out and so would alot of other people if the Kenyan Goverment or tourist board had done a information program.


  6. Chines are the chief advisors because they have to rip Kenyans off for the next ten years. Why wouldnt that tourist take jambo jet? i used the flight on a return journey after using the train to mombasa and spending 3k.


  7. […] Source: Madaraka Express, from Ridiculous to Absurd […]


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