As you amass ill gotten wealth, you can only eat from one plate and sleep on only one bed.

Politics in Kenya has become a surest way to make quick wealth through government contracts and deals. Some of those who have tasted the same will not hesitate to deal with you ( means maim or even kill) if you ever stood in their way.

People you can’t even tell what they do for a living? They live large like there is no tommorow. Many a times It is not even the contenders it is the sidekicks who turn to be the ruthless ones who can’t just imagine staying in the “cold ” for five years so to speak.

Firstly not all businessmen doing business with goverment are crooks but let’s also be honest with ourselves 90% of the time it’s deal cutting at both national & county goverment.

It is only in Kenya we have billionaires who have invented nothing . A billion shillings these days is nothing but that is a cool $10Million , that is alot of money . As you amass the dirty wealth allow me to say the following:

1. It has been proven that beyond a certain point the quality of life can never get any better.

2. Irrespective of how much you’ve grabbed you can only drive one car.

3. You can only sleep in one house.

4. You can only sleep in one room

5. You can only sleep on one bed.

6. You can only eat from one plate and due to stress you have been asked to avoid many dishes more so your favourite .

7. You can only travel to one destination on holiday at one time.

The list can go on and on. If the wealth that was acquired was dirty or even spilled blood then it comes back to haunt your family. Don’t think you’ve been bewitched when your daughter the one you loved most eloped with a ” useless ” boy or your son became a junkie. Look around us you’ll see very many examples of people who were walking terror in them days but they end up miserable in their sunset years this is all about Karma , as you wrong the defenceless nature will revenge for them.

You steal money meant for free primary education. You don’t spare ARV funds while you take exotic holidays, the list can go on and on. It is said karma has no deadline.

Life is too short to be ruthless killing and maiming .

Reality of life is that the first 20 years you struggle in school.

The next 20 years finish university, get a job or simply hustle then marry & start a family .

The next 20 years educate your children & help them through University. If you are lucky to reach 60 years .

Anyone above that is on bonus time. Folks life is too short to be ruthless killing others and walking like you have done nothing. Well when nothing works for you dont look any further. “Malipo ni hapa hapa duniani mwanzo” you’ll taste judgment first right here on earth while full judgement awaits you.

Choice is yours meanwhile as always I choose to remain an optimist in that evil shall not reign forever. Good shall overcome evil.


3 responses to “As you amass ill gotten wealth, you can only eat from one plate and sleep on only one bed.”

  1. The direction out nation is taking…Its kinda the trend when it comes to democratic free and fair election in most 3rd world countries.


  2. If they could take that wealth to the grave or buy their life time pass to make them Immortal, I would understand. But as you clearly state, they can only do one thing at a time. Let me join the optimistic band wagon 😦


  3. Its disturbing rather than annoying how blinded we are by greed, forgetting the generations behind us that requires the same resources for sustainability. After stashing dirty monies in bank, what next. ..does it change the colour of our blood, increase/ our heights. We can only buy ostentation things and that’s what makes us different.


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