Secession Talk, my dear Kenyans in Nyanza & Western . Some candor may help.

#WhyILoveKenya Secession talk due to alleged marginalization and mainly in Nyanza and Western Kenya. I am sure some candor will help. What will North Eastern, good Part of Ukambani say where even nature has marginalised them ?

If it is historical injustice no place has suffered like the 5 counties of Garisaa. Wajir. Mandera . Marsabit & Isiolo . I recall posting my own challanges growing up in Marsabit. I had the privilege to drive around the gulf in Lake Victoria which is mainly the 10% or so of our share of Lake Victoria. 6 permanent rivers flowing into the 2nd largest fresh water lake in the world. Come to North Eastern and Ukambani even good parts of Muranga where there are no rivers. Arid and semi arid . The road network as shown in the images are A1 and I will tell you for free go drive from Makutano via Muranga to Nyeri it’s terrible. I saw the best road network in Kisumu Siaya and Homa Bay , pictures don’t lie. North Eastern Garisaa to Mandera are now being promised but do you see them lament? They make the best entrepreneurs and hustlers.

The Mbita causeway that was blocking fish and water from the main Lake Victoria forcing our people to go fish in Uganda will now be a thing of the past . Thanks to the beautiful bridge and once again fish can easily breed in the gulf area.. Kisumu International Airport, tell me how many other counties have International airports.? The county fathers should be inviting investors to grow fruits and horticulture for export . Kisumu International airport is dead from 8pm when we should be exporting fresh produce as cargo. Well educated and warm people .

I spent 7 days with locals in Kisumu , Luanda K’otieno, Asembo Bay, Mbita , Rusinga all the way on Mfangano . Everyone I met was warm and nice to me . They only need to be shown direction and empower them . Opportunities galore in that region . Maybe you don’t appreciate what you got because you are used to it but I will tell you for free you have NOT been marginalised. It is all in the mind. You may not necessarily agree with me but it is only fair I tell you what gold mine you are sitting on. Kisumu alone has 35 banks represented out of the 42 banks in Kenya and over 25 Universities and colleges

This talk of secession is nothing but hot air , it is not a walk in the park to secede go ask Eritrea 35 years wait or even South Sudan 40 + years wait then a mess , Somaliland have been chasing for recognition 20+ years .

Please go make your counties work . We should be fighting for more funds to the counties but we must also stand up to confront the waste in the counties with the same energy we fight the national goverment.

Let us debate and As always I choose to remain an optimist Mohammed Hersi

5 responses to “Secession Talk, my dear Kenyans in Nyanza & Western . Some candor may help.”

  1. Wrll done its people like you will save this country, be bold, go out there tell them these things without fear, we need your input, someone has to stop this cecesion talk for Kenya should move on ang grow.

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  2. Neutral Kenyan avatar
    Neutral Kenyan

    Great piece lots of truth in your article though you left out the fact that you work for the president and manage his hotels therefore are not completely free of a level of bias meaning it’s a bit of a thin line whether this is a genuine observation or a choreographed one, the big debate right now is NOT about marginalization but about IMPUNITY, this should be the discussion because impunity has greater devastation than marginalization in that marginalization can birth innovation while impunity kills innovation. Regards

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  3. Hi Neutral Kenyan ;

    I can categorically tell you that Mohammed Hersi no longer works for the president’s family hotel chain, and he still chooses to remain an optimist.

    I find the article quite enlightening and I honestly believe that regions that have felt marginalized over the years must take full advantage of devolution and make the best of available resources mashinani.

    I totally agree with you that the big debate should really be on IMPUNITY as it’s the killer of hope and dreams of the people of our beloved country.

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  4. Yes I agree that Mohammed has missed the point totally. It is not marginalization in infrastructure etc but in political inclusiveness, impunity, corruption and a whole load of hate for being from a different ethnic group. Abuse and intolerance. This is what festers like an open wound. Maybe those places he mentions are satisfied with their lot. I’m sure Eritrea, Sudan etc where they are at it’s their own responsibility and they will not blame anyone. Why should there be war. That’s why there’s a petition. I may not support cessation but I understand why.

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  5. Hi bwana Hersi,just wanted to get in touch with you regarding some motivational talks for a group but can’t seem to get your personal phone n mail …kindly contact me on jwadeya @, ..I hope this reaches you on time


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