5 Reasons Why Balala ought to be retained as CS Tourism


5 Reasons Why CS Balala should continue as CS Tourism. I am writing this in my personal capacity as a Tourism player.

First Things First .

I don’t hold brief for Hon Balala and I am not expecting anything in return. I also know many of you believe that I am also fit to be CS Tourism . No doubt about that but we can only have one CS . Najib is the right man for the job . I am happy to continue to play my role in Private sector.

1. He is on first name basis with all the key world leading tour operators , locally great connection with tourism players. In September he was elected Chairman UNWTO Africa commission .This is building on existing blocks.

2 . Excellent contacts with all the Diplomatic circles. To be on first name basis with key Ambassdors at a personal level is not something you develop overnight. These things take time.

3. Excellent PR & Networking skills. As Tourism CS he has maintained fantastic relationship with Media Kenya and International press. Networking & PR is far deeper than just a photo opportunity . Our business is SHOWBIZ. If you expect a CS Tourism to avoid the media then you are mistaken.

4. He has delivered on key areas :

$Charter resumption to Msa.
$Open skies .
$lobbying for Visa on arrival , next is park fees for Africans to be reviewed downwards.
$Extra funding to KTB.
$Lobbied hard to get the notorious and punishing Non Essential travel advisories on Kenya Coast lifted. $Attends and lobbies at main expos and road shows promoting Kenya .
$Tourist arrivals are now quite close to 2007 figures. $Pushed hard to get the Cruiseship terminal underway. It is now 40% done just last week he made a plea for the work to be speeded up.
$Tembea Kenya campaign
$Halal Tourism promo as a new segment
$Helped to get the Vat on tours rescinded.

5. Passion for the industry . He has taken to the skies to Sky Dive. Hiked Mount Kenya to promote Mountaineering. Promoted Turkana as cradle of mankind .Next on his agenda is The Great Rift & Western Kenya

Simply put he is Plug & Play CS. Not someone who is coming to learn the ropes. Learning the ropes means wasting 3 years. We just don’t have that time .

Bottom line it is the prerogative of His Excellency The President but at least I have done my bit

As always I choose to remain an optimist

Mohammed Hersi

3 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Balala ought to be retained as CS Tourism”

  1. Kudos Mr.Hersi, well put, let his scorecard be used on retaining him. I totally agree with you that in less than 2years, Hon. Balala has jump-started the tourism sector that was on a dying bed when he came back. He has also fully implemented the Tourism Recovery Report suggestions and is keen on re-engineering tourism industry in Kenya and make tourism a key socio-economic player in the continent during his chairmanship at CAF.

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