Open Letter To Students Turned Arsonists

Open Letter To Students Burning schools

Dear Student,

This might come as surprise but you really are not the first human to “dorn” the title “student” in Kenya. Let me point out that at some point in our lives we were also 14 and 15 years old.

Now as you exercise your stupidity by burning your school,please note that this is happening in rural areas where most of you are in all honesty ‘’of humble background”.That means your hardworking parents are far from rich but they are trying to give you the only avenue out of poverty and how do you thank them?

By burning the only means of emancipation from financial depravity that they can offer. Calling you a moron would be polite. In case it hasn’t occurred to you, your fellow rich kids in posh schools even public ones are going on with their classes.

We had issues as well. But we had listened to our parents and learnt an art since lost, the art of communicating. Of being able to express ourselves without resorting to idiotic violent means. If the Headmaster failed to listen ,there was always the District Education Officer, now under the County Government,(but you wouldn’t know that since you burnt all the books).In extreme cases parents were involved.

I recall walking from Meru School to Meru Town with my classmates to seek audience with the District Education head then and he did help us resolve our issues.

Fast forward to 2018 , you now have loads of luxuries we never used to have . In our days even a kiosk on site was such a luxury . Many things you take for granted were privileges then.

As a student it is NONE of your business who should be the school head or Principal. At your age, your only job is to study and make proper use of the 4 years. Once you leave school everyone will be on their own. Trust me the 4 years are everything. Time flies unless you want to remain under your parents’ roof forever.

If a fellow student or even an adult is trying to influence you to torch your school , please refuse and report them to the authorities . Even better reach to
your parents and tell them.

The world has close to 7Billion people and we are around 50 Million of us in Kenya. The world owes you NOTHING besides you found it here. The fact that you can read and write means you can understand and weigh what is right and what is wrong and criminally wrong.

Take a quick glance and you will see 90% of the schools going up in smoke are village schools where your parents are already poor enough . I am addressing you as a Kenyan who came from a humble background similar to most of you.

Do you know that your poor parent will still be made to make good the damage you have caused ?

Some of you believe that you can switch schools , I hope you now realise that no school will accept a young criminal if anything you should be in jail. DCI has already issued a warning ” Ifikiemastudents”

Let me now tell you some the hard truths .

1. Exams will happen whether you like it or not . I am made to understand you will sit the exam even under a tree if you remembered to plant trees that is.

2. If you never prepared you will fail .This exam is the main foundation of your life.

3. The school principal you are rejecting because he or she is not a local will continue to be your school principal. Let me tell you that 90% of my teachers were not from my community or my region. It is said a fool who only eats his mother’s cooking thinks she is the best cook.

4. To torch a school is not an easy thing , you must be high on something and I know that it only takes 5 bad boys to do it. Majority are good hence you must stand up for what is right and be a voice of reason .

Don’t try to be some Hollywood actor by torching your school or savagely attacking your teachers. It’s barbaric to even insult your teacher let alone lay your hand on them.

If you physically harm a teacher rest assured that full force of the law will hit you and hit you hard. If you can commit the crime then you can also serve the term in prison and that is where you belong . In prison you will meet others like you who will teach you a lesson. The world will not come to a stop because you have been jailed , remember we are 7Billion + on mother earth.

To parents please don’t try to help your rogue child escape justice . Continue burying your head in sand , they’ll eventually kill you. Protecting a rogue boy is totally wrong.

To the adult mafia behind the unrest you should be ashamed of yourself. Trust me your days are numbered .

If you are an adult reading this please share with that 15 and 16 year old who needs some serious reality check and mental reset.

#Mtihani Mtafanya Penda Msipende.
Stick to your lane and be a good respectful responsible God fearing youngster.

Good Luck and God bless.

Mohammed Hersi

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