After the logging ban , timber merchants have now descended on coconut trees. Stop Them.

In light of ban on logging , timber merchants have now shifted their focus to the coconut tree.

It takes decades for a coconut tree to grow to maturity. Fact is that most of the trees along the Kenya Coast were planted way before independence while our ethos is also weak when it comes to renewal. We are not planting new coconut trees. Irony is that we actually have a goverment parastatal dealing with coconut.

Coconut as is has over 40 other uses which is sustainable. Cutting it down is a one time benefit and that is the end of the story.

Kenya Coast currently is facing serious shortage of Makuti thatching and soon Madafu and coconut itself will not be easily be available. We are busy destroying what we inherited and coconut is now regarded a super food. Try to buy fresh Madafu in London you’ll pay through the nose.

When the furniture makers started they are not targeting living trees they were opting for dead trees which was fine but due to demand and ban on logging they have now descended on our coconut trees.

Kwale . Kilifi and Mombasa even Lamu county ought to wake up and put a stop to this mess.

A living coconut tree is more beneficial than a dead one.

Well the choice is ours and I still choose to remain an optimsit that we will act .

3 responses to “After the logging ban , timber merchants have now descended on coconut trees. Stop Them.”

  1. Thanks for your awareness.We have to ask coconut authority and forest officers to arrest any one who cuts coconnutpalm without a permit from the authority.

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  2. All the counties in the coastal area should work together to create the awareness of the importance of the coconut trees.

    Thank you for your alert before it’s too late.


  3. This is now getting out of hand. Coconut treee are very important. Apart from beauty and good scenery, coconut oil is used in various manufacturing and processing industries and is equally important. Not forgetting palm wine too!


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