Nairobi Traffic Mess. We need a mass system like Bangkok & Addis. Not more roads.

A sky train saves on space .

Our city of Nairobi is slowly grinding to a halt and thanks to the traffic mess and clueless city fathers for the last many years . None other than Richard Quest of CNN noticed the snail pace of vehicular traffic which undermines all the efforts by the goverment to attract any FDI.

A couple of years ago I did share my thoughts on how to rid Nbi off traffic gridlock and why I felt building a suspended road along Uhuru Highway was such a bad idea.

My position has still not not changed. I have been fortunate enough to visit Bangkok and next door Addis Ababa who recently launched their light sky train. We need a sky train in the middle of Mombasa Road and Uhuru highway and NOT a suspended highway.

I note that GOK seems to be in the final stages to build a suspended highway that will also serve JKIA and hopefully they claim it it will be on a toll charge.

In light of the recent mess , what Nairobi needs is NOT more roads . What Nbi now needs is an orderly mass transport system .We claim Nbi’s population is now too high , please allow me to remind you that Bangkok is hitting 20 Million while Cairo is also very similar while Nbi is yet to even hit 4Million officially and we are already tired with traffic gridlock. What will happen if we do nothing and we get to 10 Million?

Addis sky train . If Addis can do it let it inspire Nairobi

Nairobi and even those who own cars would be happy to take a sky train and leave their cars at home . I will be happy to take my train at JKIA to downtown Nbi .

What we need in Nairobi are three major lines just like Bangkok. One line should run from Athi River and in future Machakos all the way to Kangemi through Uhuru Highway.

2nd line from Ongata Rongai through Haile Sellassie through Kariokor along Thika Higway to Thika and Makutano.

3rd line outer ring to serve Eastlands. Close the rubbish tired Kenya Railways.

Each train has close to 8 coaches and each coach can take 60 pax which means 3 Manyangas or 25 seater PSV .

Goverment and Nairobi county under a PPP will build the line then Matatu Saccos will lease the coaches which means the current Matatus workers will be absorbed to run these lines which means job loss fears would have been addressed.

This could be Mombasa Road / Uhuru Highway

Many Nairobians drive to town . Get a secure parking and hit the city on foot. If given an option they will happily leave their car at home sparing Nbi the traffic gridlock.

I am not a transport expert but I keep my eyes open when I travel so how comes our policy makers cannot see such simple options to fix our traffic gridlock.

As you read this over the weekend, it is my prayer that our good goverment and donors abandon the suspended road from the airport but opt for sky train.

Without addressing a good mass transport system I am sorry anything else like extra road Thika highway style is waste of time .

It will be just a matter of time before traffic takes over. You can build more roads in future but first we must prioritise a mass transport system

Well as always I choose to remain an optimist but sadly time is of the essence .

Mohammed Hersi


Kenya Tourism Federation

3 responses to “Nairobi Traffic Mess. We need a mass system like Bangkok & Addis. Not more roads.”

  1. Yussuf Ibrahim avatar
    Yussuf Ibrahim

    Great article…how I wish the relevant authorities wake up and smell the coffee and of course save us the routine opaque ideas…

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  2. Fixing Nairobis transport system is not rocket science . The tragedy is that our policy makers simply refuse to think and they are also allergic to any long term permanent solution to anything.

    A country is rich when the wealthy ride the public train and public bus, not when the poor buy cars and clog what is there as public roads.


  3. Nicholas Omondi avatar
    Nicholas Omondi

    Exactly what a friend and I have been saying. The more we delay on a public mass transport system the sooner Nirobi grinds to a halt.

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