Dear Kenyan MP, your greed is now beyond the mark.

Open Letter To Our MP’s.

Open Letter To Our MP’s.

Dear Elected & Nominated Member Of Parliament,

I hope and trust that this note finds you in good health. It is two + years since most of you found their way to that August house where laws of the land are crafted and supposedly the well being of the nation are meant to be debated.

Some of you have been relected numerous times that you now consider parliament your second home. Well if your electorate gave you the mandate who are we to say no.

Allow me to remind you , that house is meant to be a place of respect where members are meant to serve the nation. To serve as an MP was more of a calling until some 15 years ago when greed overcome many of you. All we hear these days is about demands for more and more perks.

Your current demand will see your pay rise to anything between $21,000 and $29,000 not to mention all the other perks you are demanding with a gun on the head of SRC. I have taken the liberty to share benchmarks with rest of the world and you will notice that indeed you are the queer lot.

You actually think a car grant of $50,000 is peanuts so you are now demanding to double the same to $100,000. How many companies give such perks ? What makes you think we truly owe you all this ? You knew very well how much you were going to earn way before taking up the job. You don’t start a new job then go on a salary review chasing perks every now and then. If anything you are violating our rights as voters the employer and tax payers. That alone is enough grounds to dismiss you .

While you get paid a salary you still want to be paid another allowance called sitting allowance and now not less than 17 other allowances which simply means we pay you double for doing your work .

While you get full medical cover for self and family , without any shame you now demand cover for a second spouse. It is high time we called you put. Surely second spouse is a choice you make . If you can’t maintain her that is your problem. If it was private sector and some of you are employers would you allow your employee to make such a demand ? While you demand such your electorates are busy sharing ward beds and cant acess basic health care.

Kenyans maybe silent and may look helpless but trust me you are pushing your luck too far . You may have chosen to climb the ivory tower and you no longer see reality but I will tell you for free that Kenyans are hurting. You yes you are now upsetting Kenyans . Majority of your voters do not even know where their next meal will come from while you trash what you are served in the eatery in that house. Well if you strongly believe what you are served is not to your standard there are many places close by where you can eat what fits your palate. While the rest of the world is talking and exploring means to achive the Millennium Development Goals now Sustainable goals you are busy discussing what type of menu we must serve you , seriously ?

In African culture we hardly discuss matters food so I will not belabour that point.

Folks there are many more pressing issues that you need to be addressing as opposed to chasing these perks that make you look so bad. You indeed make us look bad as a nation in the eyes of the world.

Finally many of you are people known to us and some of you are my friends. How comes none of you is choosing to be a voice of reason and stand up for what is right . We are also aware that many of you are yet to even make that maiden speech but are active every weekend hurling abuse to both real and imagined enemies while busy dividing the same poor Kenyans with your tribal and regional narrow cheap thoughts .

Let me remind you were never forced to go to that house . If you think the pay and perks is not adequate enough , please feel free to resign and go seek greener pastures . Kenya is big and the world is even bigger . Let us know how that goes.

For you to harrass Kenyans day in day out is nothing but being insensitive to their plight.

Go reflect and please reflect hard. Soon Kenyans may simply choose to handle you the way Ukrainians handled their MP’s by looking for the nearest garbage bin. Trust me Kenyans are edging to the tipping point with your unbridled greed. Well at least you will not say I never warned you .

The donkey is now tired . Punda Amechoka.

Yours Disgusted Kenyan Voter

Mohammed Hersi

11 responses to “Dear Kenyan MP, your greed is now beyond the mark.”

  1. Excellent telling it like it is – calling a spade, a spade! Bravo! 👍👏👌


  2. Awareness is an awakening.
    Thank you for making us aware .


    1. Muzahir Bhaijee avatar
      Muzahir Bhaijee

      You have hit the nail on to the head..Bravo..
      For the future of our blessed Nation we hope it will be taken seriously and acted upon.


  3. Dominic Makau avatar
    Dominic Makau

    Mohammed Hersi. We completely share your feeling. Actually the Camel or Donkey is tired. The people we send there are now vomiting on our Shoes. Their performance Dash board is nothing to look at. They make their own laws.
    Who will save Kenyans?

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Mohamedali Alibhai ESSA avatar
    Mohamedali Alibhai ESSA

    Just ungrateful greedy chaps. I wont call them Kenyans cause they have absoltely no feelings or concern for the ordinary Kenyan trying to survive.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. You know I was wondering how my feelings can reach these selfish goons and you have done it well Mohammed. Shame on them and may God judge them mercilessly.


  6. Erique Etemesi avatar
    Erique Etemesi

    👏👏👏….Precise and Excellent


  7. Mercy Waithanji avatar
    Mercy Waithanji

    Very much on point MH!


  8. Bharat A Patel avatar
    Bharat A Patel

    Excellent we need more Kenyans like you . They have too far and now time has come to nail the coffin


  9. In simple English we are dealing with shameless thieving chiefs disguised as honourables.Most if not all should never have seen the inside of the August House.


  10. In simple English we are dealing with shameless thieving chiefs disguised as honourables.Most if not all should never have seen the inside of the August House.


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