Time to address congestion issues at Wilson Airport . Three things must happen .

Fact. Wilson Airport is a very busy airport in this region from handling tourists to emergencies and cargo notably Miraa the stimulant headed for Somalia and Northern Kenya .

The stats on domestic tourism is all bullish hence we can no longer treat Wilson as a small airport. Looking at the domestic tourism says it all.

My focus is on Wilson and space . Let’s be fair , a very busy airport and its safety record has been quite good. Recent mishaps must be addressed in a objective way and I have no doubt in my mind that we are in good hands of KCAA.

One key challenge at Wilson is congestion.

While land for Wilson has been grabbed over the years , the abandoned junk MUST be cleared to create space .

3 things must happen .

1. I strongly recommend that Miraa exporters should now be asked to relocate and operate out of Isiolo where we have a pretty idle airport . It is a stone throw away to the Miraa growing area of Nyambene hills. In fact they can salute the farmers as they take off with the stimulant on its way to Somalia .

This single smart move will also remove those daredevil speeding cruisers to Nairobi.

It will also help the economy of both Isiolo and Meru . If we could move cargo to Embakasi and soon Naivasha let us also move the Miraa export base to Isiolo and in the process Wilson will get breathing space .

2. Move the myriad of flying schools to Malindi and also Isiolo. That will again help decongest Wilson and help spread business to other smaller towns .

3. Get rid of all the old junk aircrafts at Wilson. I am sorry Wilson is NOT a junkyard. Even JKIA is developing the same problem gaining ground with more and more abandoned aircrafts. They are even an eye sore.

Folks first things we can not handle both passengers and miraa in such a small place and security is also paramount.

This is practical and let us do it . They say Talk Is Cheap.

Well as always I choose to remain an optimist.

Mohammed Hersi
Kenya Tourism Federation

3 responses to “Time to address congestion issues at Wilson Airport . Three things must happen .”

  1. Mustafa Lekishon avatar
    Mustafa Lekishon

    Spot on.

    Is someone listening.


    1. Mo in addition we need to move some of the flights from Wilson. There are simply too many. Also enforce the payload restrictions on the aircrafts. People often ask me why I don’t move to Wilson and the answer is it is simply too crowded and I want to be part of the solution.


  2. If His Excellency president Uhuru Kenyatta has stood firm with the war against corruption both grand and Mega then to him this order ,
    Mr.Mohammed Hersi at just a cough can be a sorted issue.Its now more than 4yrs since Isiolo airport was built purposely for Mirra but lying empty like a white elephant .Somebody must have slept on duty and should have been fired like yesterday.


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