Social Media Bullies…Don’t hesitate to block them .

I have seen friends deactivate their social media accounts because of bullying by characters who feel they own the cyber space.

First things first. Your timeline on FB or handle on Twitter is YOUR personal space . You have been given the title deed by FB and Twitter to that space hence no one and I repeat no one has any business to get into your space to bully you.

If one is faceless without a profile picture I don’t enagage faceless souls / cowards. I simply BLOCK them because they fail Test No 1 of social media . TRANSPERANCY. There is a reason why FB and Twitter have given us the option to block such toxic characters.

There is a big difference disagreeing on something and folks who do nothing but at any given opportunity would write toxic stuff. These are chaps who never create any content but they just trol others spewing toxic. Real existing people , we may not agree on issues at all times but RESPECT & DECORUM is key. I have many of them as friends.

I have witnessed characters who attempt to draw boundaries for you on what you can say or post. I tend to comment on many issues be it business , career and even political status both local and global. For one to be able to comment on issues you MUST develop the good habit of reading books and good books for that matter. Reading opens your mind and reading a book is like spending time with the author. When you read autobiography on world leaders it’s like you spent time with them . It took them years to write such a book.

Back to the toxic fellows, these are people who are unhappy with themselves. They are busy working hard to get you to join them in their corner in being toxic. Some are even unhappy when I thank goverment be it national or county. These toxic chaps do not know the power of GRATITUDE. A simple thank you means alot .

How do you deal with such chaps , faceless ones BLOCK THEM PAP.

Real existing people try to engage them and 80% of the time you’ll become great friends . If it doesn’t work and they keep bullying you well simple block them as well since they came looking for you on your timeline.

Folks don’t quit social media because of such characters . Lock them in the trash bin where they belong. Taka Taka.

Well as always I choose to remain an optimist that I would meet ladies and Gentlemen on this huge social media platform. Truth be said I have made friends and met many including families who are now my best of friends.

DO NOT EMPOWER ANYONE TO MAKE YOU UNHAPPY. Let no one smoke you out of social media . We are here to stay.

Mohammed Hersi

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