We must enforce social distancing at the ferry crossing Mombasa.

I have heard more noise than solution on how to control the huge numbers of people crossing the ferry on foot where social distancing is ignored.

Best Illustrations on social distance

My simple solution .

1. Let them queue,  maintaining the required one metre gap. The queue can stretch as far back as Pandya Hospital Roundabout.

On Likoni side the same queue system shall apply stretching towards Shelly Beach Road.

There should be no more holding of pedestrians at the yard to avoid any potential spread of virus . It will be a queue and they will maintain the same social distancing in the ferry.

We have National Youth Service who can implement this with ease. Don’t bring armed police . Masses detest being forced . Teach them why this is important.

2. Suspend the use of the old ferry that does not have a sitting area. The notorious old ferry where pedestrians are packed like sardines while standing  should be stopped ferrying pedestrians

3. Consider spraying the passenger ferry before loading again. A team is kept ready to do that to avoid delays

Anyone asking us to stop ferry crossing, they think that people who cross this channel do it for pleasure but again some of those leaders making such calls are ignorant, forgive them, they don’t know.

I hope and trust my Bro Bakari Gowa will consider this simple ideas.

Mohammed Hersi

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