Cut Melinda Gates some slack , direct that anger to our thieving hands in Africa

Folks I finally managed to watch the clip where Melinda talks about Africa and the covid19 crisis . It is a long interview but a clip is embedded here .

I was initially upset but listening to her again and again I just don’t think she is wishing Africa death.

She is worried about the folks in the slums , where social distancing is an alien term where running water is non existent. Melinda has been to more slums in Africa than many of us .

The Gates foundation have supported many charities across Africa including my own Kenya . Bill Gates has played a big role in fighting malaria and polio in Africa and he succeeded in doing that . I am a Rotarian and he is our main donor who has helped us defeat polio and that is a fact that cannot be wished away .

Folks I wish we could get upset as much with the thieving leaders in Africa who deny the masses the benefits of the taxes we pay.

This morning in the Daily Nation paper Bungoma county paid Ksh10,000 $100 for liquid soap that costs Ksh1400 $14 and paid cash Ksh 6.9M. Now those are the shameless thieving hands we ought to be upset about NOT Melinda who is only expressing her worries and she is entitled to it.

How will our own dying in the slums going to help the bank balance of Gates foundation ?

God willing we will not see mass deaths like Ecuador but fact remains we stole the money that was meant to fix our healthcare system. Right here we are on record buying overpriced useless containers and then buying expensive health equipment that are rotting and gathering dust . African leaders used to fly out at the slightest hint of illness not anymore . We are stuck here together.

Let’s turn our anger there NOT Melinda .

As Africans we must be candid with ourselves. When we get called out we are quick to play the racial card. We are very quick to play victim on how the colonialist raped Africa . Folks we have been in charge of our lives for the past six decades. Time to cut out the excuses.

It is a fact that have failed the vulnerable in society and suddenly Covid19 has levelled the playing field and none of us is immune.

Right here in Kenya we have more MP’s and senators than ICU beds even if we added the ones in private hospitals as well. As Africans we must get our priorities right . Any attempt to play racial card sounds like a broken record . Please it is about time we got sincere with ourselves.

Tupambane Na Hali Yetu

Mohammed Hersi
Mombasa. Kenya

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