Allan Kilavuka the man giving it his all to save Kenya Airways. I salute you.

In midst of despair and thieving hands we also have a few Kenyans who can sacrifice it all to make things work.

Alan is walking the talk …..

Allan Kilavuka a man who came to meet us at our offices in Mombasa when he was appointed MD Jambojet is one unique person.

Since then we have maintained close contact and today The Standard focused on his sacrifice to turn things around at our troubled national carrier Kenya Airways.

Allan is NOT just talking but he is indeed walking the talk , Allan took a 80% paycut to send a clear message to his team that it was never going to be business as usual.

Allan is NOT some desperate chap, Allan spent 12+ years at General Electric. He was Commercial Finance Director GE Africa and later Global Operations Director Africa. Allan could land a job anywhere else and walk out on KQ but he is staying put to fix it.

Simply put Allan is fixing the mess left behind by others together with another man who is also sacrificing time and energy to chair a loss making airline in the name of Michael Joseph.

Ladies and Gentlemen please join me to applaud Allan Kilavuka for this sacrifice and it is clear that NOT all Kenyans are out to shortchange the nation.

On behalf Kenya Tourism Federation we wish Allan the very best of luck. It is in our best interest as Kenya that KQ flies out of it’s current turbulence. What many Kenyans dont know and appreciate is that KQ despite all the challenges is flying 150 flights a day into and out of Nairobi. The day KQ is no more so when we will know what it means flying through other countries and do with long transits. Trust me its tiring and demeaning.

If it is commitment we have now found the right MD and the right Chairman in AK and MJ. They are in it to help save KQ , folks they are NOT in it for the money. Let us support them , what else would you ask of an MD who has taken 80% paycut way before even Covid19 happened.

To our government, if you are serious about KQ then you now have the right leadership, please dont botch it.

As always I choose to remain an optimist that Allan’s sacrifice will not be in vain. Allan you will NOT walk alone.

Mohammed Hersi
Kenya Tourism Federation.

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