Holding a public office is about being fair and decent in your appointments. It’s not a favour it’s the law.

Decency is not a matter of constitution

For many years I was running a leading beach Resort way before we started talking regional balance, no Head Of Department would dare bring me a list of new employees to be contracted for my approval with one community taking more than 30% of the slots. Dont ever buy the crap that others did not apply. That is one cock & bull story. I recall being sent a list of 10 out of 11 trainess all from one community and I sent them all back. Candor with me is 2nd nature and I would not let anyone who reports to me to get away with such blatant abuse of office and simply put loads of crap.

To be fair to others and giving everyone a fair chance is true act of decency. When you hold a public office it is expected of you since the same is enacted in law.

When we give a young man from under privileged Bamba in Kilifi a chance and he happens to be only one who has found gainful employment imagine how you have been able to impact on one family. I recall such case and my friend Nick Ladu will bear me witness when we gave a young man from Bamba a chance in animation yet he had no experience whatsoever but he looked he was very keen to learn and he did very well .

There was also a young plumber who was always available to fix plumbing issues in homes in Nyali . I had a chat with him when Covid hit home in April in 2020. He told he had been laid off at his place of work in North coast and he is now cutting his losses by going back to his rural home in Taita. We kept in touch and when a position came up at Taita Hills Safari Resort & Spa the GM gave him a chance to be interviewed and he was absorbed.

Last week as I was driving back from Taita I saw an incessant caller and guess what the young man saw my car and he insisted I turn back to meet his family since his home was very much on the road and he spotted me. I did that and he took time to introduce me to his entire family including two older brothers and you could see and literally feel the gratitude .

When you see public officials refusing to look beyond their village, tribesmen and cabal of friends it’s all about decency and level of civilization. Going to some fine schools and wearing a fine designer suit is not all , it boils down to respect for others.

I have personally held and still hold key positions but I never ever just think of my village or my tribesmen or circle of friends.

Many years ago I applied for a position Assitant F&B Manager at Indian Ocean Beach Club Diani . Then F&B Manager was William Omamo . He was finally left with two candidates and my worthy competitor was a Luo fellow hotelier . William made it clear that he would not have an Assistant from his community since he believed in good balance and he also wanted to send a message to his supervisors and his peers. Folks that was way back in 1993. Bill was light years ahead of many Kenyans and that lesson stuck in my mind and I religiously practice fairness in all that I do.

I have seen time and again some CS’s ( some more notorious) who insist to make appointments from close friends and one community, let me say this TRIBE is innocent. These are bunch of friends. Period.

While BBI has many positive things , you dont need BBI to fix such blatant arrogance and impunity where you treat other Kenyans with disdain and contempt.

There is life after serving in public office so how do you want to be remembered?

I personally get alot of satisfaction when I try and spread opportunities to everyone irrespective of race tribe or colour.

Well trust me it makes a difference when we speak out and this act of impunity MUST be stopped. Kenya is not some personal property, Kenya is one proud nation of ladies & Gentlemen who all expect to get a fair chance in life. Nothing more nothing less.

As always I choose to remain an optimist.

Mohammed Hersi

One response to “Holding a public office is about being fair and decent in your appointments. It’s not a favour it’s the law.”

  1. This is a beautiful piece Mohammed, and I totally agree with you.
    Thanks to you I have learned to always remain an op8


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