Thumbs up to GOK & MOH for getting 700,000+ vaccinated

Only fair to commend our goverment ( Kenya ) when they do things right.

Vaccinating 141, 146 front line healthcare workers is good progress and 700,000+ total which includes close to 400,000 who are 58+ and people with underlying conditions is highly commendable.

Have they done well? yes

Can we do better ? Certainly Yes

I am also happy to note that we are now placing an order for Pfizer , Johnson & Johnson vaccines now that India stopped export of the Astra Zeneca. Well the ones who got first dose of AZ are assured of the 2nd dose but for the rest of Kenyans will have to switch to other approved vaccines. This in itself is also a good move rather than wait for India to resume vaccine exports.

We are also happy to note that GOK has officially announced that they will vaccinate all Kenyans aged 16 and above. This is a huge statement and we are in full support.

As tourism industry we are also happy that our plea to qualify Tourism players as front line workers has been approved and 50,000 vaccines have been committed to this cause and the first 5000 vaccines will be rolled out this week. We want Kenya to be one of the few countries where hotels , tour drivers and airlines staff who come into contact with guests have all been vaccinated.

The source markets are now demanding that their guests should only be handled by vaccinated staff and that will become the norm in new new normal and as a country we dont want to be left behind.

To my fellow Kenyans while vaccine is being rolled out please continue to sanitise, social distance and mask at all times. For those who have had the vaccine, YOU will also continue to do the same.

As always I choose to remain an optimist and good people please stay stay safe with your loved ones.

Mohammed Hersi
Kenya Tourism Federation

One response to “Thumbs up to GOK & MOH for getting 700,000+ vaccinated”

  1. Unicorn Connections Ltd. avatar
    Unicorn Connections Ltd.

    Commendable. The we adhere to the protocols the sooner our country will be declared a safe destination. The responsibility starts with us.
    Thank you.


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