The other side of President  Samia Suluhu’s visit, niceties aside ….

Businessman Rostam Aziz addressing the Kenya Tanzania private sector meeting in Nairobi

Well Her Excellency President Samia Suluhu Hassan wrapped her visit which is certainly going to open a new page between Kenya & TZ.

While we remained focused on Madam President one of her nationals was pouring his heart out how investing in Kenya is next to impossible. I have always said it ….Real ease of doing business….talk to the investors, anything else is PR.

This man is not your ordinary small timer, he is a serious investor. Rostam Abdulrasul Azizi is a Tanzanian businessman/entrepreneur and economist. According to Forbes magazine, he was reportedly the first Tanzanian dollar billionaire in 2013 with an estimated net worth of US$1 billion. He is said to own 18% of Vodafone TZ .

He was eager to invest $130M in Kenya which is Ksh 13B++in gas business. Well from his statement at the breakfast meeting he was taken in circles for 3 years and meeting our president didn’t help.

Is it that investment in gas is saturated that new players are not welcome? If that was the case why was it not made clear to him but again we are in a free market . If an investor is willing to put his money by all means please roll out the red carpet. Shida iko wapi ?

I am very keen on FDI hence this clip did not skip my attention.

Keninvest, CS Adan Mohamed & CS Betty Maina why do we make it difficult for investors? Blocking decent jobs for our young men and women who choose to fly out to middle east and laungish there .

Don’t you think Kenyans deserve an answer and this man Rostam we owe him an apology and anyone who frustrated him along the way ought to be hit hard.

Away from the niceties and the humor of this state visit, this man gave us a reality check . I have a reason to be upset and embarrased as a Kenyan .

This is how Big4 is undermined.

Mohammed Hersi

4 responses to “The other side of President  Samia Suluhu’s visit, niceties aside ….”

  1. It seems that’s the trend nd reason why the Country is never moving forward…very sad affairs Indeed.


  2. Dangote spoke of similar experience with the cement factory he had intend to put up in Kenya and ended up moving to Tanzania!


  3. We are mired in corruption!


  4. Sickening of this kleptomaniac government. No clue on how to manage a country: only how to loot it and its people!


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