Giving the Kenyan Farmer a voice


As promised every Sunday I will dedicate a post to Farmers on my Facebook page Mohammed Hersi. While on Friday #sokohersi was for your general hustles this forum is to give farmers a voice.

In my travels and hotels business I have come across very many Famers along the Kenya coast who work hard but face serious challenges in finding a market for their produce. I have read and listened to some of their heart wrenching stories but this forum is not about lamenting . It is about doing something about it.

My dream is to help the farmer to sell his wares without ever stepping in a physical market , these farmers just don’t have the energy to fight with brokers. Let them reserve that energy to keep farming.

While this group is domiciled at the coast you are free to post your produce right here country wide.

We also encourage farmers to start looking for market way in advance as opposed to harvesting one morning and then start running around .

Please this is purely for farmers and let us respect that and the aim is to read both retail and wholesale buyers. We also will not allow imported stuff like the bleached garlic from China. We support farmed in Kenya.

Famers are also allowed to pose questions or challenges they face and hopefully get help from other seasoned farmers.

We encourage less use of harmful pesticides and organic farming is even better.

This is about giving a voice to the farmer , please join Tumaini Farmers Kenya Coast

Wishing you a fruitful sunday . Let’s salute the farmer and our goal is to make farming both fashionable and financial fulfilling.

I may NOT have the money to give you but I am here to give you the platform and the network. Your network is your networth.

Well as always I choose ro remain an optimist .

Mohammed Hersi

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