On matters infrastructure President Uhuru scores a straight A , you’ll appreciate him years down the line …

Long awaited Dongo Kundu Southern Bypass taking shape

Away from Politics I want to say Well Done and Asante.

While our media and most Kenyans are focused on matters politics, allow me to focus on some infrastructure development that is currently ongoing in Mombasa . Retired President Mwai Kibaki was only appreciated when he left office .

Dongo Kundu Phase1 done and dusted

let me tell you this , we may not appreciate our current President, H.E Uhuru Kenyatta today but when he leaves office and you look back at the amount of infrastructure he has executed in his term you will give him a thumbs up.

Firstly the Mombasa airport acess road which was a mess for many years was nicely fixed but Changamwe and Makupa Causeway is currently ongoing. Can the contractor tidy up the place and water the diversion to reduce dust.

I have been confused quite a bit to know what exactly is going on at the former Changamwe roundbout and I am happy to see that it is finally taking shape to be a world class interchange.

Ongoing Changamwe Roundabout taking shape

This is what many fought for for many years and what a time to be around to see it finally happening.

Then another major happening is the Dongo Kundu bypass also being fast tracked being time. Glad to see that both bridges are being fast tracked.

Well for this great road network I would like to applaud H.E The President State House Kenya Kenya National Highways Authority CS James macharia and team. Truth be told the amount of road network in Kenya and more so in Kenya coast never seen such infer any other regime. I am also happy that these are Kenya Vision 2030 projects which His Excellency has chosen continue to deliver. He could have ignored them including the Isiolo Marsabit Moyale highway which he found done halfway. Only fair to say Hongera.

What about Mombasa Economic zone …I have seen the beautiful visionary masterplan
….how comes not a single MP, Senator or Governor from Pwani is talking about it yet it can easily turn Mombasa into a one unique free port in Eastern Africa.

Dongo Kundu Bypass on the south mainland

What I would have loved to see from the leaders at the coast is for them to ask national goverment about the Mombasa Economic Zone.

Folks dont wake up when the horse has bolted.

Konza is finally happening thanks to Machakos. Makueni & Kajiado leaders.

As always I choose to remain an optimist

Mohammed Hersi

3 responses to “On matters infrastructure President Uhuru scores a straight A , you’ll appreciate him years down the line …”

  1. Dan Kinyanjui avatar
    Dan Kinyanjui

    Giving Credit where it is indeed due.
    Well Put M.H


  2. very informative and encouraging articles


  3. Thank you for the insights, but I would also like to inquire about the lack of concern at the coast for Eletrification. The coast is vital to tourism; but we can’t seem to keep our power on?
    But 👏👏on the roads being improved.


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