Time to send FKF packing . Let FIFA ban us, it can’t get worse

Waking up to Harambee Stars hiding 5 to ❤. When Nick Mwendwa took over as FKF Chair we said , what a fine young man. He is fresh and full of energy, he also running his own football club.

Well years down the line is nothing but premium tears 🤦‍♂️😭

Age is nothing, its character. Young man, take it from me , you’ve destroyed football in Kenya and in the process you’ve killed many dreams. How do you switch coaches like diapers? I wonder where you got the latest catch of a coach? He should be allowed to cross the Mediterranean from Tangier and head back to whoever Molodva or Turkey.

Good people anyone selling you young age only as an asset for a leadership position …please run away .

Mwenda has made Nyamweya to look a saint …..best football Chairmen were Clement Gachanja and Kenneth Matiba and best coast was one Marshall Mulwa. Kenya held its head high in Africa matters football. The only coach who came close to rekindle the magic was late Fabisch.

To CS Amina and GOK. Get rid of FKF. Let FIFA ban us for 2 years and we clean house. What is the use even if we are not banned we are such an embarrassment.

Drain the swamp. Drain it and let’s reboot.

Less sophisticated countries in Africa have more stars playing in Europe…look at Mali , Gabon, even Cape Verde and even Comoros.

Kenya is land of champions NOT the whipping boys , look at our rugby 7s , they go head to head , look at our new sensation Ferdinand Omanyala going head to head with world best.

Time to send FKF home. Shame on them.

Mohammed Hersi

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