Your Excellency, it is about time we lifted the curfew

Time to lift the curfew …..

Dear Mr President State House Kenya

Firstly thank you for leading us from the front in tackling the Covid crisis, we may not have been perfect but we managed to navigate the choppy waters. Asante and Hongera .

Empty street in Nairobi

First forward matatus are now carrying full capacity, markets are open, places of worship are open and political rallies are now back in full swing including weekdays looks like we’ve scared the hell out of covid. Looks like weve hit the herd immunity threshold since Matatus are full and political rallies are always packed but again as believers we cant rule out the hand of God. Science cannot explain everything.

Your excellency rolling out the vaccine and more so for the vulnerable and seniors citizens was also a good move. The fact that it is now open to anyone above 18 at all leading hospitals both public and private are things that perennial haters would take for granted. Objective minds appreciate and applaud this move.

From the foregeoing your excellency curfew has no more relevance and it is time it was lifted. There are are many Kenyans who earn a living at night and continued closure is affecting an already struggling economy. The positive side of curfew was drop in crime rate at night but gender based violence has been on the increase and who knows if the economy is fully opended it may help.

Your excellency hospital admission is one key indicator including mortality rate , thank God it all looks well and the numbers have dropped big time and we hope and pray it stays that way.

Your excellency please give us a Mashujaa gift or even a weekend gift of lifting the curfew but we MUST continue observing the protocols since sanitizing, washing hands and wearing masks has greatly helped in reducing respiratory illnesses which was very common.

One thing that we should continue doing as Kenyans is to wear masks in crowded poorly aerated places even if its air conditioned. In the past when I am somewhere in Asia esp Thailand and China I always saw the locals wearing masks to avoid the smog and dust and I now appreciate their choice.

Your excellency, please lift the curfew and in case of sudden shift ( we hope and pray it doesn’t come to that ) you are always at liberty to take drastic measures as our CIC.

As always yours truly is choosing to remain an optimist.

Mohammed Hersi

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