I am listening to the ground……means where is the next kill….

A common statement these days….I am listening to the ground ….in other words I am done with current kill I need to look for the next kill….. we see it every day with Hyenas in the national parks. They move looking for the next carcass giggling without shame .

Hyenas move from one carcass to the next one

Well , the Kenyan voter will end voting for individuals as opposed to a party . The days of 6 piece suit voting is long gone. Please dont waste your time struggling to push your way into a crowded political bus.

If you NEVER delivered for Wanjiku for the last 5 or even 10 years what is this nonsense that you are listening to ground ….just go away peacefully

I am overly optimistic that Kenyans will dispatch most of these jokers to political 🚮🚮🚮🚮

We deserve better and you know what ? We are in control. Casting your vote will determine who you hire or fire.

Mohammed Hersi

Published by Mohammed Hersi

Certified Governance Trainer by Centre For Corporate Governance Nairobi Kenya. Past President Rotary Club Of Mombasa. Past Chairman Kenya Tourism Federation. Passionate about matters Africa.

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