About time we banned diesel Tuk Tuks. Noise & Smog 😭

The world is getting hotter ….its boiling….droughts are more frequent, last longer and more lethal .

Mombasa alone has more than 11,000 Tuk Tuks. The noise and sound pollution is nerve wrecking

While we talk of global warming….our leadership and goverment from national government to Mombasa county Government can choose to do two things .

  1. Ban with immediate effect importation of diesel powered Tuk Tuks
    They are noisy and the air is getting polluted by the day. Even India the home of Bajaj are getting rid of diesel Tuk tuks but they are happy to export the same crap to us. ( Why do we our allow these merchants to have their way ??) They behave like they have another Kenya or another planet.

Straight benefit will be less noise pollution and of course less smog and dirty air.

  1. We must plant more indigenous trees ….trees cool the earth and we have really been cutting down trees . Let’s show some love to trees . We shall continue to suffer as long as we continue to cut down trees.

Developers who want to build on every inch of space shame on you. This greed will kill you.

Fact is that we have been ruthless with mother earth and soon it wont be able to put up with our cruelty.

For Tuk Tuk operators you can double your rate and make same money by riding a petrol propelled silent engine.

Rwanda next door have just gone electric with their Boda Boda ( Nduthis ). We cant claim to be progressive when we dont care for the environment.

As always I choose to remain an optimist.

Mohammed Hersi

One response to “About time we banned diesel Tuk Tuks. Noise & Smog 😭”

  1. moses nderitu avatar
    moses nderitu

    Transition to Electric would serve the planet and save livelihoods, but requires conducive environment, policy and fiscal support.


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