Thank you Dr Manoj Shah for sharing your story

On Thursday I was a guest at a special occasion where a reknown Kenyan was launching his book” One In a million ” The Biography of Dr Manoj Shah , Chairman Kingsway Group Of Companies.

The Book ” One In A Million ”

Firstly I salute anyone who puts pen to paper to share their life story when they are still alive. Most of the succesful people in the west have all managed to write about themselves when they are still alive and still doing business.

Dr Manoj and I go way back , when he was busy opening his first Mombasa branch of Kingsway tyres centre and I was a young General Manager at Nyali Beach Hotel then under Block Hotels.

Honored to receive a signed copy of ” One in a million ”

It was a sheer coincidence that he launched his book at same Nyali Beach Hotel now Nyali Sun Africa Beach Hotel which again I helped rebrand a few years ago.

Dr Manoj also supported me alot at Sarova Whitesands and would always meet him everytime he came visiting.

Dr Manoj other life is Philanthropy. While I am a Rotarian Manoj is a Lion and he rose to become the global President of Rotary, folks that is no mean achievement .

Manoj was born in Nairobi and attended Highridge Primary School and Upper Hill High School . His life was not all rosy , he worked his way up having lost his father at a young age and his book is dedicated to his late mother who struggled and worked hard to make him and siblings succeed. He picked the philanthropic trait from his late mother and he fondlly spoke of her at the function.

Dr Manoj peers are the likes of my other friend Vimal Shah who is also a true Kenyan investing right here. He fondly talks about their childhood.

I am happy that Manoj finally invested in hotel business through Tribe Hotel and latest addition Trade Mark hotel at the village market which is also another key project of its own.

Manoj and I have one thing in common….choosing to be an optimist and that trait is ably captured in his book.

Towards the end of the book Manoj emotionally talks about his battle with Covid19. He contracted the virus with his wife and daughter and he says it was a trying moment for him with his underlying conditions but he managed to recover. He titled that chapter ” Alive from the jaws of deadly Covid 19″.

Manoj thanks for the invite and it was sheer pleasure to meet you after very many years and thank you for sharing your life story with Kenyans and the world at large.

Manoj I wish you good health, happiness and more prosperity and as always I choose to remain an optimist.

Mohammed Hersi

NB: Manojs book is available at any good bookstore.

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