Buxton Point Project is well on course, well done Gov Joho & Suleiman Shahbal

Old Buxton is now all clear for new Buxton to rise up like the proverbial bird Phoenix

A couple of weeks ago I asked my Bro a man who we are on first name basis Suleiman Shahbal about Buxton housing project.

I choose to support any project that I feel is for the common good of the people and I consider Buxton one such project.

The old Buxton was built in the 70s and without maintenance it was rendered unfit for human habitation. I am not here to talk about the old Buxton I leave that to the doubting thomases.

I asked him , how comes after so many months we are yet to see any structure coming up above the hording that was meant to conceal the project site.

His answer was simple ” Mohamed , we will surprise people and the project is very much on track”. He also invited me to go and see the site for myself when I am in town.

True to his words, several weeks later 20 blocks already rising up hence today I decided to drive in. Being a Sunday I wasn’t expecting to see anyone at work , I introduced myself at the gate and the pleasant gate keeper introduced me to a supervisor who insisted first I must wear a helmet and reflector jacket since for them safety is paramount. Being a hotelier I am impressed with such and i also found a St John Ambulance on site just in case. Wow it was beehive of activities, dont let the silence deceive you.

My handler was a young man Swaleh who was very passionate about the project and the progress they are making.

I also noticed many ladies working on site which means ladies have been given equal opportunity to get employed alongside men. They were all busy with their helmets and full kit doing serious lifting and moving.

You see a man was asked ” You have 8 hours to chop a tree , what would you do”? He gave gem of an answer ” I will spend 7 hours sharpening the axe and one hour to chop the tree”. How many of us rush into a project only to end up spending 7 hours chopping a tree and eventually giving up.

I have no doubt in my mind that Suleiman and his team at Buxton Point have been busy sharpening their axe and they have now decided to chop the tree. A clean neat site NOT crowded where health and safety is paramount.

Well I am not surprised that the noise that was coming from various quarters is dying and I personally cant wait to see this project become a reality. Mombasa island is full of old houses that can easily be converted into nice decent low coast housing. I detest the ugly stuff I see coming up in Nbi. Buxton is low rise tastefully done.

I must also salute my other Bro as well Governor Joho for choosing to support a project led by his political opponent in 2013 and 2017 elections. That is what true leadership is all about . The interest of Mombasa is far bigger than any individual.

Let Buxton Point be the turning point for public housing in Mombasa and be a benchmark for the rest of Kenya.

To Suleiman Shahbal you were brave enough to take the dive , rest assured many fathers will pop up to claim they fathered this project the day you hand over Buxton Point. Your mark in Mombasa is taking shape right in front of our eyes , they say talk is cheap.

As always I choose to remain an optimist.

NB: I was impressed with the fact that most of the mature big trees have been spared.

Mohammed Hersi

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