Dear Governors, you roam around the world . What inspires you?

This is Two Rivers, Kenyans deserve decent quality of life . If Rwanda,Malaysia even Vietnam can do it so can we .

To Governors in Kenya and Council of Governors, Kenya Nairobi Metropolitan Services, NMS This should be the benchmark to fix your cities & towns. Riding in convoys and harassing us on the road is NOT development.

✅Good roads,
✅Lit up streets,
✅Clean pedestrian walkways
✅Cyclists lane +++ is the right of every citizen .

Kenya we ain’t short of resources….we are short of men and women of integrity.

This image of Two Rivers is what you see in simple urban towns across Europe and even Asia the likes of Malaysia, Thailand. The likes of Vietnam and Cambodia that were war torn just 30 years ago are now flourishing.

Right next door Kigali and Musanze is looking more like Two Rivers.

We must style up , you travel around the world , why dont you get inspired? Why do you settle for less ? Why do you cuddle mediocrity?


Mohammed Hersi

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