Watching Africa Cup of Nations , Jubilee goverment owes us an apology….

Switching on TV to catch on Africa cup of nations in Cameroon makes me both sad very sad and also happy at the same time.

Happy to see Cameroon with world class stadias with all the facilities just like what we see at Nou Camp, Old Trafford or San Siro.

Happy also to see Burkina Faso who were at one point far below Kenya and today they are fighting every inch against the Indomitable lions of all places in Yaounde.

Now the sad part very sad part is the fraud by Jubilee government that they will give us world class stadias which was one BIG LIE.

I have a right to call them out because they lied to us and this will be one blot as legacy notes are drafted.

Cameroon have decided to invest in stadias not because they are rich or wealthy but it’s about commitment and choice. It is about giving their youth real chance in life.

I still believe in under 6 months 3 stadias can be delivered before August , if expressway can be fast tracked what is a stadium but again what do I know .

I still remain an optimist that Nakuru. Kisumu. Mombasa deserve world class stadias.

Mohammed Hersi

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