It’s about time travel resumed in full hence , need for PCR test should be dropped.

World is eager to reopen , football stadiums are full and concerts are rocking

The last two years WHO had taken charge but it’s about time they now gave way and UNWTO reported to work to kick start global travel and tourism.

Travel is NOT just for leisure it is also for business and it’s about time the world reopened

It is about time Covid19 was downgraded from a pandemic to endemic.

Spanish flu lasted 2 years killing close to 50Million. We have also gone through the 24 months period and it is now clear that Covid19 infection is dropping and the fatalities have also slowed significantly globally which is a good thing.

Thanks to many factors notably the discovery of vaccines and spread of the virus which is believed to have created the much talked about herd immunity.

Omicron variant from SA gave the world a scare, thank God it has since not caused any major fatalities if anything some medics have referred to it as natures vaccine .

UNWTO must now meet WHO to allow resumption of global travel and most importantly abandon the now almost irrelevant and waste of time and resources PCR testing . A positive test is no longer what it used to be , I for one I will continue to wear my mask in a closed crowded places like inside an aircraft but about time the world dropped the need for a PCR test which I dare has become big business for other sectors. They should be ready to wean themselves of that accidental revenue .

The fact that you can turn positive at the end of your holiday may mean 7 days or even 14 days detention which means getting fired at your place of work for not reporting back hence no one wants to take the risk.

Let’s us reopen travel, it is about time

As always yours truly is choosing to remain an optimist

Mohammed Hersi

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