Time to tame Boda Boda madness is NOW

Had a busy day and just seen the revolting video of alleged Boda Boda riders molesting a lone female driver who was accused of causing an accident.

While making arrests of the suspects is good move it is nothing but cosmetic. Boda Boda mess requires deep surgery.

Goverment failed in regulating Boda bodas from the very beginning when anyone was allowed to buy and OP operate Boda Boda as taxis. What do you expect when there are no barriers to entry? Anyone I mean anyone can buy a Boda Boda and within a couple of days learn to ride and off you go to start handling paying passengers.

While many young Kenyans earn a decent living out of Boda Boda business sadly a huge lot are social misfits who are angry with the society and more so anyone who is driving a car. What these guys dont know is that majority of the motorists are equally hustling and did not eat anyone’s chicken.

The penched up anger they display must worry all Kenyans. We must address it NOW.

Rwanda next door have managed to streamline Boda Boda business , with each rider vetted, licensed and two helmets clearly numbered one for the rider and the other one for the passenger.

Well organized Boda Bodas in downtown Kigali. Note the extra helmet for the passenger.

Look here matatu industry was very similar to current Boda Boda mess but once Michuki rules and SACCOs were introduced Matatus madness ended.

Way Forward.

  1. Halt fresh importation of Boda Bodas and it is high time all the importers were freshly vetted . It is a known fact that some of the importers have enticed these young men with sweet deals to take a bike on credit at exorbitant interest rates. They must be made to control the sale of Boda Bodas to the right man or woman who is mature , responsible and qualified to ride a Boda Boda. A motorbike in the wrong hands is just like a loaded pistol danger ro the rider and others.

These young men get excited owning a bike only to fail to service the loan and the bike is repossessed.

  1. Motor cycle dealers should only sell a bike once a buyer has been vetted and tested that they are fit to ride one let alone start to take paying passengers. Any rider without a good conduct certificate is not given a license.
  2. We must vet all current owners and riders of Boda Bodas to bring back sanity .

Politicians have always excused the unruly behaviour of the Boda Boda riders and suddenly Matatus look like saints.

To politicians we are in that silly season please allow the authorities to sanitise this sector , late Michuki as Minister of Transport brought back sanity and Boda Bodas are not beyond redemption.

Watching that clip is revolting and the culprits must face the full force of the law , Iwe Funzo kwa wengine. This could be anyone’s sister, wife , daughter. Shame on you for humiliating the female driver, real men don’t do that.

I know real gentlemen in Boda Boda business in Mombasa and I challenge the good guys to smoke out this sick men who attack a lone woman and she was posing no danger to anyone . We have laws and let her face the law of the land.

As always I choose to remain an optimist that we better sort out this mess before it is too late.

Mohammed Hersi

3 responses to “Time to tame Boda Boda madness is NOW”

  1. Picoty Ronoh avatar
    Picoty Ronoh

    What a great piece. Last week as I crossed the road, the lights were green on the Riverside 4 way junction. A boda guy with no helmet riding on the wrong side had the audacity to boot at me. A few meters away the traffic cop was just directing traffic (traffic lights were working).

    I certainly agree with a sober but urgent way forward in this sector. With proper leadership and good governance I believe we can overcome unemployment and riding a bike doesn’t have to be an easy way out to the youth. Mostly it’s a short cut.

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  2. I totally agree its time now to streamline boda boda industry and this way government will generate income through regulations and heavy fines, as sanity is normalised.

    Why did late Michuki succeed and not current minister, we have wrong leaders who should be stripped their ministerial positions or asked to resign??

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  3. Every woman need to be safe when driving

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