As you head for Easter & even Iftar, please stop wasting food

As you head out for Easter, firstly thank you for supporting our hotel industry even in these bad times. We cannot thank you enough.

Last year I penned a letter to our Nairobi and other visitors who could not make it due to the sudden lockdown due to rising covid cases. We thank Almighty God that we are now once again able to travel . This year I have a special message and appeal to make . Please please help us Hotels to avoid food wastage .

We cook enough food to make sure everyone is well fed and happy , trust me it is not easy planning to cater for 500+ guests . You know it when you even host 15 guests at home. While we are happy to make enough food trust me we don’t have food to waste. Growing up we were told by our parents ” Don’t waste food ” but why does that good mantra change the moment you get to a hotel , it should not . It is good practice and we should not let it die. For those who continue to practice that golden rule and I know many do Hongera, but for those who dont please do so since it is also a good upbringing for the young ones.

It is believed that globally close to a third of the food that is made by hotels for the buffet counters is wasted as left over on plates.

Golden rule at a buffet , pick small items, go taste it , if you like it please go back for more but dont take and leave it on your plate half eaten because you may not have liked it or even worse you are full. Look here our planet is struggling to produce all the food that we eat hence any good hotelier will practice responsible tourism by ensuring that there is least wastage. We only achieve that through your support and understanding.

Responsible tourism & responsible holidaying :

Please eat with your eyes first. Take a nice easy walk and see what is on offer, even engage the cooks and they will happily explain any dish that looks strange. I recall one time I helped a young lady to try stir-fried seafood that included octopus and calamari and she loved but initially she was like I cant eat that .

Pick small bits , go taste it and if you like it you now know which is your stronghold.

I wish you all happy holidays and relaxing long weekend , I leave you with this “ Take what you want , Eat what you take “

As always your truly is choosing to remain an optimist

Mohammed Hersi

One response to “As you head for Easter & even Iftar, please stop wasting food”

  1. In this day and age, we really should NOT be throwing food! We can always as suggested take a little and go back for more as suggested in the article if it’s a buffet or if not and what arrives on a plate might be too much, then ask the waiter to pack the remains in a bag and take it with you to have later which is what I do.

    It’s criminal to throw food/drink away! Very disgusting habit.


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